[Arrived] Qatar Virtual Presents: QatarV Saturday's: Vol. 2: Amman | @ ORBI 251600ZMAY19

Qatar Virtual Presents: QatarV Saturday’s: Vol. 2: Amman | @ ORBI 251600ZMAY19

Event description:

Join us as we take to the skies for the second installment of our QatarV Saturday’s event series. For this leg, we will be travelling from the ancient Arabic city of Baghdad, one of the first major centres of civilization, to Amman, the capital city of Jordan, which is considered to be one of the most modernized Middle Eastern cities, attracting hundreds of thousands of European and Arabic tourists each year.

Event details:

‣ Route: ORBI to OJAI
‣ Server: Expert
‣ Date: 25th May 2019 at 1600Z
‣ Flight time: 1hr 15min
‣ Air frame: Airbus A319 [QR]

Gate assignments for departure at ORBI:

Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate B26 @Oscar_Williams A319 QRV159
Gate B25 @JWFANMLG A319 QRV2003
Gate B24 @Zimmy56 A319 QRV56
Gate B21 @NationofAviation A319 QRV002
Gate C36
Gate C35
Gate C34

More gates will be added if needed. To request a gate, all you need to do is reply to this topic with your intended callsign for the event and your name. This event is open to all IFC & QRV members that are able to access Expert server.

More in-depth details can be found in the event document linked here:

Interested in joining Qatar Virtual? Apply here


Our IFC thread: Qatar Virtual | Soaring Together

Our website: qatarvif.com

If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email: owilliams@qatarvif.com


I apologize for the late posting of this event. The staff team has been increasingly busy recently. Thanks for your understanding.

Ill take Gate B25, excited to do my first fly out with Qatar Virtual!

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Fantastic, you’re in. What’s your callsign?

My call sign for the flight will be QRV2003, if that works with you?

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C36 for me please QRV56 @Bobby_Soliman

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I gave you B24 so you can be with the rest of the group. See you on Saturday!

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Hey it is Pavel P. I am sorry to disturb you but will it be possible for the event to be moved back one hour? I have a family event until 11 am my time. Is it possible to be pushed back by 1 hour so I can join the event or will that not be possible? I would love to join but my schedule makes it difficult.

Hey Oscar,

I’ll have to withdraw from the even. ATC at KCLT reported me for their own mistake so now I’m not able to access expert server. I’ll try again in a weeks time.

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No problem. I hope to see you with us for the next event!

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I’m sorry, but we will be unable to change the time, as it will be unfair on the other pilots who signed up for this event.

Correction! My family event is at 1pm my time, not 11am I can do the event with you guys!


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