[Arrived] Qatar Virtual Presents: QatarV Saturday's: Vol. 1: Baghdad @ OTHH 111600ZMAY19

QatarV Saturday’s: Vol. 1: Baghdad | @ OTHH 111600ZMAY19

Event description:

Join us as we take to the skies for Qatar Virtual’s first IFC event, which will be held every other week from now on! We will be traveling from our hub airport of Doha, a city in the heart of the Arabian peninsula, to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, a city with huge cultural and historical significance to the world and the religion of Islam.

Event details:

Server: Expert
Date: 11th May 2019 at 1600Z
Flight time: 1hr 45min
Air frame: Airbus A319 [QR]

Gate assignments for departure at OTHH:

E Gates

Gate E3L: @Oscar_Williams - QRV159
Gate E3R: @Jake_Savage - QRV001
Gate E5L: @NationofAviation - QRV002
Gate E5R: @Ahmed_Ali1 - Pakistan 82
Gate E7L: @Matei27 - QRV027
Gate E7R:
Gate E9L:
Gate E9R:
Gate E11L:
Gate E11R:
Gate E13L:

More gates will be added if needed. To request a gate, all you need to do it reply to this topic with your intended callsign for the event, and your name. This event is open to all IFC & QRV members that are able to access Expert server.

More in depth details can be found in the event document linked here:

Interested in joining Qatar Virtual?


Apply here: https://form.jotform.com/91301785459160

Our IFC thread: Qatar Virtual | Soaring Together

Our website: qatarvif.com

If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email: owilliams@qatarvif.com


Thread looks great but will sadly be unable to attend


I’ll have a gate, obviously 😉

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I like to have a gate 😁 Callsign: Pakistan 82 Name: CaptAli

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@Ahmed_Ali1 @Jake_Savage, you’ve both been added! 😀

I would like to get a gate.

You can have Gate E7L. What will your callsign be?

My callsign is QRV027

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Great! See you Saturday!

Departure is in 10 minutes! Everyone be sure to spawn in ASAP in their assigned gates.

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@Ahmed_Ali1 Everything going well?

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Yea everything is great! Pakistan 82 already on his way to Baghdad

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Fantastic, glad you’re enjoying it! Could you speed up a little bit please? Otherwise our arrival times will be too close together.

That was a great experience! Now do we fly back or just end our flights?

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Glad you enjoyed it Ali. Remember you can sign up for QRV and take part in our internal event series too 😉

Thanks! We would love to see you again at our next event, on the 18th May: [Arrived] Qatar Virtual Presents: A340: A Fond Farewell | @ OTHH 181200ZMAY19

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