[Arrived] Qatar Virtual Presents: A340: A Fond Farewell | @ OTHH 181200ZMAY19

Qatar Virtual Presents: A340: A Fond Farewell | @ OTHH 181200ZMAY19

Event description:

On May 1st 2019, Qatar Airways scheduled their last A340 flight from Doha to Bangkok. This signals towards the end of an era of 4-engined aircraft, with Qatar Airways phasing out all 4-engined aircraft in only a few years, in favor of more efficient twin-engined aircraft such as the A350, 787 and 777X. However, fear not. We will be taking the A340 on one final flight, returning the A340 back to Toulouse, France, where Airbus is headquartered. After that, the A340 will only be available to Oryx Commanders as part of the Qatar Heritage Programme

Event details:

‣ Server: Expert
‣ Date: 18th May 2019 at 1200Z
‣ Flight time: 6hrs 51min
‣ Air frame: Airbus A340 [QR]

Gate assignments for departure at OTHH:

Gate Pilot Aircraft Callsign
Gate C12 @Oscar_Williams A340 QRV159
Gate C11 @Jake_Savage A340 QRV001
Gate C10 @NationofAviation A340 QRV002
Gate C9 @Callum_Marsh A340 Qatari 518
Gate C8 @Kaled_0773 A340 -
Gate C7
Gate C6

More gates will be added if needed. To request a gate, all you need to do is reply to this topic with your intended callsign for the event and your name. This event is open to all IFC & QRV members that are able to access Expert server.

More in-depth details can be found in the event document linked here:

Interested in joining Qatar Virtual? Apply here


Our IFC thread: Qatar Virtual | Soaring Together

Our website: qatarvif.com

If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email: owilliams@qatarvif.com


Nice thread!
Just a question, if I were to join Qatar virtual would the a340 not be part of the VA anymore? Or will the IF routes still be flown with the a340?

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We will still use the A340. The A340 flies to four different routes; to Barcelona, Bangkok, Colombo and Kuala Lumpur. It is unlocked at the Commander rank.

For more info, go to our site.

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Ok good. Don’t want such a beauty leaving the qatar virtual fleet!


Thanks! There are only several routes that the A340 operated within Qatar Airways, to Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Bangkok. The Colombo and Bangkok routes are now operated by an A330, the route to Kuala Lumpur by a 777 and the route to Barcelona [soon to be] by an A350. You can still unlock the A340 as part of the Qatar Heritage Programme, when you reach the rank of Commander within the VA.


Sign me up please :)

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You’re in! Callsign?

Hihi, just registered QRV membership through the form…interesting job haha
Could you please sign me up for this flight please??
Callum_Marsh QRV518

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Great! We’ll see you on Saturday.

thanks boss…
also quick question: how would I know if i’m enrolled as QRV pilot/member?

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Are you not in our slack workspace? Check your email for an invitation if you’re not.

Looking for a space in our A340 event, reply now or email owilliams@qatarvif.com for a space!!

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We are only 20 minutes away from departure! Please start to spawn in at your assigned gates. @Callum_Marsh @Kaled_0773

Sorry for the late notice, I won’t be able to make it. I’m sorry.


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Roger. Thanks for letting us know.

@Callum_Marsh just to let you know, we have changed the block fuel to 89,058kg.

Man, this sure is sad. I’m living in Kuala Lumpur and often see Qatar A340s landing there. Now, they use Qatar B777-300ERs. You guys should do the same! :)


It has been changed to B77W in the VA. It’s just you’re still able to fly there with an A340 through our Qatar Heritage Programme when you reach the rank of Commander. ;)

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