[Arrived] [Qantas Virtual Partnered Event] Kangaroo Route @ YPPH - 311030ZAUG19

Could I also attend please

You already have one :)

All done! See you then @Jehad_Hafiz

Sure mate! See ya then :)

Sure thing! Loved your YouTube video for my other event!

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We only have one gate remaining

I’ll take it Charles

Sure thing!

Cheers man

Just found a couple more gates! Make sure to get one

Another gate for my friend @KAVG77 please

I would like to attend is that possible?

Sure! I will add ya!

I’ll try and find a gate.

Sure thing mate!

Thanks recording a again

Ill grap a gate

Sure thing mate!

Are there any gates left?

If you dont mind being in T4, yes there is.

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