[ARRIVED] Over the Rockies with Southwest Airlines @ KLAS - 280100OCT17

Come join us this Saturday for a short, scenic flight from Las Vegas to Denver. The Rocky Mountains have some of the most gorgeous scenery in North America, and what better way to enjoy it than a group flight with America’s favorite low cost airline?

Server: Training

Departure Airport: KLAS

Arrival Airport: KDEN

Departure Time: 6:00 PM Pacific - 9:00 PM Eastern (Please arrive no later than 10 minutes early)

B9: @Oli_H
B11: @Joseph_Krol
B12: @The777
B15: @SF34
C25: @GolferRyan
C24: @Ishan_S
C23: @Miguel_Ortiz
C22: @Merdah_Vlogs
C21: @CoolFlyer
C19: @Kevinsoto1502

NOTAM: Please come in any Southwest Airlines livery. We are planning on departing promptly at 6:00 with about 1 hour 50 minutes en route. Flight plan is as follows:

Flight Plan

Cruise Altitude: FL310
Cruise Speed: M 0.80
Climb Speed: 245 kts
Initial Descent Rate: -1900 fpm

We hope to see you in the skies!

(Thanks to @Miguel_Ortiz and @Ishan_S for helping out with this event)
(NOTE: We are NOT affiliated with Southwest VA, this is just a fun little event)

This event is sponsored by Tailwinds Flying Club! tailwindsflyingclub.weebly.com

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You’re welcome and also can I have a gate

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I wish I could! But I’m already committed to a flight that evening. I would love to join your next event thought, especially one as picturesque as this one!

Thank you I’ll see you on the southwest 738 :)

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You are going to descend at 1900 feet per second? I see a violation coming on

Initial descent speed, obviously we will slow down as we get lower. Especially because Denver sits at 5,280 MSL. I edited the original post.

I was trying to be funny but sadly it is not possible

I would like a gate please

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Can i have gate c :22
Thank you

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Can I have a gate? I am also part of tailwinds flying club

Sounds like a fun evening flight! I’ll do my best to make it! Sign me up for gate C21!

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Event is this weekend, reserve your spot today!

Count me in! Can’t wait!

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Event is tomorrow! Last chance to sign up!

Event tonight at 6! Is anyone else coming??

Ill take Gate C14. And If not avaliable then C19

You can have Gate C19 👍🏻

Hi can I please have a gate?

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Can I get a gate number?

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You can both have gates. @The777 @MOSEPH