(Arrived!) Mountainous Rocky Mountains Fly-Out @ KASE - 241530ZNOV18

**Extreme Aspen/Pitkin County Airport Fly-Out @ KASE**


Event Introduction & Description:


Hello everyone! This is David Berman, the President and founder of El-Al Virtual Airlines. After working hard to create multiple routes to fit everyone’s different schedule I thought this would be pretty cool and fun. I’m going to get ATC ASAP and would love for everyone to join!!

We will be meeting up at Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (KASE). Please spawn 5-10 minutes prior to the event to begin filling out your flight plan and taking pictures. We will achieve this in Infinite Flight by using the realistic airlines that serve the airport along with the correct terminal assignments and corresponding routes.

Date: Saturday, November 24, 2018
Time: 1530Z (11:30AM EDT)
Airport: Aspen/Pitkin County Airport (KASE)
Server: Training

When requesting a gate and an aircraft, please be aware of your destination.
Aspen county airport has other destinations, however, due to the lack of gates we tried fitting in as many as possible! Everyone will be responsible for creating their own flight plan as well as their fuel load. We will all be taking off from Runway 33. Do NOT speed during taxi or cut anyone off even if there’s traffic, please be patient. This event will take place on the training server, all rules are enforced and are expected to be followed. In the event that ATC is active, please follow all of the instructions the controllers give you. When taking off, please increase your ascend rate due to the high mountainous areas all around.

Airline Directory:

Airline CODE Aircraft(s)
American Airlines AA CRJ-900
Delta DL CRJ-900
United UA CRJ-700
Cesna Citation X CX Livery 1-9

Gate Assignments:

Main Gates

Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
Terminal Gate 1 AA CRJ-900 KASE-KDFW @Plane-Train-TV
Terminal Gate 2 DL CRJ-900 KASE-KLAX @Kevinsoto1502
Terminal Gate 3 AA CRJ-900 KASE-KORD @Aviator10
Terminal Gate 4 UA-CRJ-700 KASE-KDEN @SirMarkieMark
Hanger M1 CX-Livery 2 KASE-KATL @PlaneCrazy
Hanger M2 UAL-CRJ-700 KASE-KDEN @Tucker_Ryan
Hanger N1 DL-CRJ-900 KASE-KSLC @JeromeJ
Hanger N2 CX-Livery 3 KASE-KJFK @QFA_12


ATC User
KASE Ground @QFA_12
KASE Tower @QFA_12
KASE Departure @JeromeJ

More hangers can be added, make sure to message me the destination of arrival you would like!

(To join El Al Virtual Airlines, you may apply at https://elalairlines.wixsite.com/elal/apply)


Sorry for an unforeseen event here, I will not be able to attend the event as a tower. So remove my name from the tower so that it is free for another. I hope the event is a success.

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Why do you have spots reserved for ATC services if this event takes place on the expert server? The active region this Saturday (10 November) is Southeast Asia.

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to confer with Tyler in regards to having ATC at a non-featured airport or region. I don’t think he’d allow it anyway as this is a very small airport for a small event.


To LAX pls :)

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Sign me up for KASE to KDFW please! See you there!


I am extremely confused. You said if ATC is active, you could be ghosted. That is not possible on TS1. Could you clarify what server this is on please?

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Changed it to training. Thanks

Training, thanks.

Perfect thanks! It will be on training!

All set! You’re signed up for LAX!

All set for DFW!

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Training, thanks! See you there

Gate 3 to ORD please!

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All set! See you in Aspen!

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Can you switch me to the KASE-KATL flight please? Thanks!

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I would love to do this one!

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Sorry for an unforeseen event here, I will not be able to attend the event as a tower. So remove my name from the tower so that it is free for another. I hope the event is a success.

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I’ll do ground and tower


Date changed?

Sure no problem see you there!

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