[Arrived] Manchester, NH Fly out (Real World Routes) @ KMHT - 111830ZJUL18

July 11, 2018
Server: Training Server 1

Airport: KMHT

Time: 1830Z
2:30pm EDT
1:30pm CDT
12:30am MDT
11:30am PDT

NOTAM: A flight plan must be in place. This fly out will be for real world routes

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Today, I would like to do a fly out. We will fly Real World Routes, with the proper equipment
We will use the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, a local airport that I visit frequently when possible.

Why am I doing this? So that I can help my airport get more attention, as it doesn’t get that much traffic into and out of the airport. It is busy in real life, but I thought why not try and replicate it in Infinite Flight.
Unfortunately, since some aircraft don’t have the corresponding livery, I will select the aircraft that does have a livery. The aircraft may not be used in real life, but it’s close enough.

NOTICE: Some Airports on these routes may not have been edited yet!


Gates will be like in real life. Any Empty gate not in use will not be used to reflect real life. Please choose a gate carefully!

United Airlines [FULL]
Gate 1: @HolidayHoovy (Bombardier CRJ700 - United Express) [KMHT-KORD]
Gate 2: @Aceorbit (Bombardier CRJ700 - United Express) [KMHT-KEWR]

Delta Air Lines [1 remains open]
Gate 4: @Sebastian9915 (Bombardier CRJ900 - Delta Connection) [KMHT-KLGA]
Gate 5: CLOSED Boeing 717 - Delta Air Lines) [KMHT-KDTW]
Gate 6: @Miguel123 (Airbus A319 - Delta Air Lines) [KMHT-KATL]

American Airlines [FULL]
Gate 7: @Daniel_Cerritos (Airbus A320 - American) [KMHT-KPHL]
Gate 8: @HiFlyer (Bombardier CRJ700 - American Eagle) [KMHT-KDCA]
Gate 9: @AllegiantAir (Bombardier CRJ900 - American Eagle) [KMHT-KCLT]

Southwest Airlines [FULL]
Gate 11: CLOSED (Boeing 737-700 - Southwest) [KMHT-KBWI]
Gate 12: @Alex_Lopresti (Boeing 737-800 - Southwest) [KMHT-KTPA]
Gate 14: @Pingu (Boeing 737-800 - Southwest) [KMHT-KMDW]
Gate 15: @Captain_Christian (Boeing 737-800 - Southwest) [KMHT-KMCO]
Gate 15A: @Ashton_Liberty (Boeing 737-700 - Southwest) [KMHT-KFLL]

Cargo Gates [FULL]

Cargo will also be open as well!

UPS Airlines
UPS Stand 1: @KPIT MD-11F - UPS) [KMHT-KSDF]
UPS Stand 2: @Muhammad_Rifan_Panji (Boeing 757 - UPS) [KMHT-KRFD]

FedEx Express
FedEx Stand 3: @Cpt_Scott (MD-11F - FedEx) [KMHT-KMEM]
FedEx Stand 4: @Matthew_Chanley (MD-11F - FedEx) [KMHT-KIND]
FedEx Stand 5: @Sherbert342 (MD-11F - FedEx) [KMHT-KBUF]

Air Traffic Control

MHT Ground: @Gliding_Central
MHT Tower: @Gliding_Central

Custom Spots
East GA ramp 1: @GolferRyan (CCX) [KMHT-KAPA]

I Hope you will enjoy this Fly Out! Make sure to have a FPL Ready before you depart! All Flights WILL Require a Flight Plan! I hope to see you at the event!


Hi! I’ll take the DL717 please :3

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Sure thing! I can see why you’d want the 717 :3

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Closest thing possible my guy lolz

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I can take Gate 11: Southwest to KBWI!

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Gate 11 is yours! See you next week :)

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Can’t wait!!! Thanks for adding me.

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No problem dude! I’m happy you’re coming!

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I hope that we get more people to join.

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Hello @Daniel_Cerritos,

I will happily be your Tower and Ground for your event. For your ATC!


Thank you for volunteering in being our wonderful Air Traffic Controller! :)


Absolutly No Problem: I Need The Practice!

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Can I have the American Eagle MHT-DCA in gate 8 please?

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You now have Gate 8! I’m glad you have joined us :)

Could I have FedEx Stand 5 to Buffalo please?

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Thanks for joining! Since there is no FDX 757, I just put in the MD-11F.

Most of the FDX planes we see are the Boeing 763F, A300F, and 752F (rarely DC-10F and MD-11F)

Thanks again for joining!

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We still have lots of spots open!

The event is next week! It would be awesome to see this airport filled! Make sure to select a gate (with the route) you’d like!

I’ll take gate D4 Delta RJ900 to LGA

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You now have Gate 4! Thanks for joining!

All Delta Gates have now been taken!

We have plenty of spots for other airlines!

Thanks for joining!