Arrived in Frankfurt

Hey guys :) ,
Last topic for this week as I’m not quite sure if there is a limit to how many topics I can post here per week 😂. For this last topic, I am sharing my pictures I took as I was approaching, and after I landed, in Frankfurt. Those who know me very well (looking at you BAVA peeps 😉), know that the embraer 190 is my favorite. Enjoy :) .
image image image image image image image image


Nice photos!

Also, no worries about the amount of topics. There is no maximum you can post, just be sure you’re not spamming. You definitely haven’t been so you’re good 👍


Thank you so much :) . I just wasn’t sure. I love taking pictures in a lot of my flights, and I try to share the best ones :)

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I look forward to seeing more. :)

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Thank you so much :) there will be more. I’m actually flying to Frankfurt again right now so since I only put eight pictures here, I’m sure it’s ok to put two more pictures in as a comment. I just really loved the arrival so much :)

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Which device did you use? I believe they’re from an iPad?

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You guessed correctly :) . My phone is way too small for infinite flight, but I am upgrading that really soon .

Hopefully this is ok to do (and if it isn’t, please tell me 😅), but I just had to share two pictures from my second trip to Frankfurt :)

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