(ARRIVED) Going to Miami in June!

If you are so adamant on flying out of MHT why not just fly with a connection to MIA? You get to visit MIA instead of FLL for cheaper than Southwest. And you’ll actually have a reserved seat with Delta :)


Because I want to fly Non-Stop from Manchester to Ft. Lauderdale…

I found a flight from Miami to Manchester, one of them is on a 767 to PHL on American

What date are you returning?

I was thinking either May 8th or 9th

He is probably looking for flights, why do you think his bio says “travel expert”?


Just so you know, I will be flying to FLL from Manchester, as I want it included on my YouTube channel, since there is no trip report about MHT-FLL on YouTube that’s Non-stop.

That’s if I do go, which I hope to go

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The other salvadoreño over here (me) got family spread across the U.S and the World too:

Mom side:
Atlanta, GA
Miami, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY
New Jersey
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

Dad side:

San Salvador, El Salvador
San Vicente, El Salvador
Santa Ana, El Salvador
San Miguel, El Salvador
Madrid, Spain
Milan, Italy
Bangkok, Thailand (My grandma)
Seoul, South korea (my grandpa and his Korean girlfriend)


I asked my Manager and he said he’ll see if he can let me go Saturday. I really want to go on Saturday to catch the last flight to Ft. Lauderdale from Manchester. I have decided to extend my Vacation and stay in Miami for four (4) days.

If I can’t leave Saturday, then my Manager said I can leave Monday, which means instead of me flying on Southwest, I’ll be flying on American Airlines, since they have a Boeing 767-300 that flies to MIA from Philadelphia, and since I really want to fly in a wide body airliner.


Update 2

Well, looks like I might not be able to go. If I can’t go soon, I will ask to see if I can go next month instead. Really want to visit Miami, and Florida in General.
It makes me sad that I can’t leave during the Weekends due to the fact that we are very busy Saturday’s and Sundays.

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Honestly, if you can catch a flight into Florida, you will always find a flight that brings you to FLL on my standpoint. Consider that when you plan on going.

If I want to go Non-Stop, I’d have to go down to Boston. I’d rather go through Manchester.

I did find a Flight on American Airlines which involves flying on a Boeing 767 to Miami, that I would gladly take from Manchester.

If you save money, go for it.

I’m trying to save money. This year is the year I want to travel

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You can connect though KPIT from May 24…

Just sayin…

I’d have to fly from Boston. though what airline? Condor? Lufthansa?

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Condor 767 seasonal servace to Frankfurt, not like I realistically thought you would go there…

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Or you could go to Iceland in a purple plane 😂

I can fly Non-stop from Boston to Frankfurt on Lufthansa

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Ya, I figured Boston or NY or somthing closer to you had it…

We also got Paris on a 767 since you seem to like those…

Ok, I will shut up now I am just listing KPIT flights 😂

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