(ARRIVED) Going to Miami in June!

I am planning on Booking a Flight to Florida to Visit my Aunt down in Miami.

What I will do is go to Miami either Two or Three days to see her. I previously went to Ohio in January to see my Cousin for Four days before coming back. What this will mean is that this year, I want to visit some relatives, because why not, and possibly Travel to Central America (If I have the Money). I’m trying to spend the least amount of Money this year so I can Travel around the United States to see Relatives, or to just have fun.

I Would be flying on Southwest to Florida. The Problem is that the Seasonal Service to Ft. Lauderdale is Ending May 5th, meaning I would have to connect coming back

The last flight to Ft. Lauderdale Is on May 5th, so I will have to book the flight soon, and I will have to ask for the days off (Saturday to either Tuesday or Wednesday), and Southwest only does Non-Stop Flights to FLL Saturdays only.

So before the seasonal service ends, I want to fly down and visit my aunt, and fly on the last flight to FLL before being discontinued. I hope the MHT-FLL route continues to be seasonal, so that next year I can go again.

If I do go, Expect another Trip Report! This flight will be paid by me, since it is my intention to travel on my own, and so that my Parents can save money. I’ve also never been to Miami, so this’ll be my first time in Miami!


Wow! Your family is spread out all over the U.S.! Go for it, Daniel! I’ll be counting down the days till that trip report comes out. :)

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Here is a list of where my Relatives live:

(Mom’s Side)
Germany (My Mom has a relative that lives there!)

(Dad’s Side)
San Salvador

I Think that’s where all my relatives live for my Dad’s side, not sure of any other places other than that place


Nice! What parts of Miami do you plan on visiting?

I’m not sure, but the two places I wanna go is the Miami Lamborghini Dealership and the Miami Airport lol :P
Source: https://www.lamborghinimiami.com/
Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/airlines-create-rush-hours-crowds-and-full-flights-1410391905


Ok so do the flight to Lauderdale and the when returning fly from Miami intl which is about 30mins away to an hour!

Southwest doesn’t serve Miami… and I’ll be flying back both ways on Southwest

Good choice. Lamborghinis are cool

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Ahhh ok I see! Hmm any other cheap airline that serves Miami maybe Spirit or Frontier?

I’m flying back to Manchester, not Boston. Spirit and Frontier don’t serve Manchester

@Kevinsoto1502 You actually just gave me an Idea.

I can fly one way on Southwest, and fly back on American to Machester

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Alright, you will meet allot of diverse people down here. Mostly Latinos, especially in hoods such as Little Havana, Hiahleah, Doral, and Allapatah. The best spots for MIA Spotting in MIA East conditions would by the El Dorado furniture store by 12 st & 72 avenue, offers great close up views of Rwy 9 operations.

If you go with the west ops there is a restaurant by the perimeter road, park there to get great view of the 27 & 30 ops.

I suggest staying out of Hiahleah, too many grumpy people and reckless drivers, I can recall many accidents due to inpatient Cubans 😂

Stay out of the hoods, Liberty City, Little Haiti, Over Town. Definitely visit Downtown, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, and hey if you want. Visit Chief305’s hood “Allapatah” right between Over Town and MIA.

Go to Patio Tipico in Miami Springs, good Hondurian food, just across the street from MIA, also you must go to Montesdeoca their Pizza is great. Avoid going to fancy restuarants in Miami, the real food is in the Hood my friend, the Latinos and The African Americans know how to whip up some great food and they are not expensive.

Be good and humble wherever you go, I can assure you that you will have a blast down here. You will enjoy everything and will see very diverse cultures from all around the world in 305.

I hope you enjoy the trip and the visit :)


Ohh I see! Ok so im not familiar with Miami I would know more if it was Orlando sorry. :(

Good Idea. I wasnt sure if you wanted low fare lol

@Chief305 I am Hispanic, and I know that Miami is mostly of Hispanic people from various countries. I myself am Salvadoran, though born in America


Go for it man!! It’s pretty odd that MHT only has FLL service on Saturdays in April/early May.

Also definitely go to the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. I just went 2 weeks ago when I was down there. I’m not going to attach any pictures I took or tell you too much about it. It. Is. Beautiful.

I hope they keep the FLL route, I will be upset if it’s dropped, because that’s the only way to get to see my Aunt without going to Boston.

@RTG113 you do realize I can just google it right?

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The google pictures aren’t entirely accurate, it’s changed a bit.

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Doesn’t Serve Manchester… Yet.