[ARRIVED] Exploring The Greek Islands {Part 2} @ LGAV - 091730ZSEP18

Exploring the Greek Islands . . . (Part 2)

^“Kefalonia Island” (LGKF)^

About the Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea (Ιόνιο Πέλαγος) is an elongated bay of the Mediterranean Sea, south of the Adriatic Sea. It is bounded by southern Italy including Calabria Sicily, and the Salento peninsula to the west, southern Albania to the north, and the west coast of Greece.

Event informations

Departure Airport: LGAV

Arrival Airport: LGKR

Server: Expert Server

Date: 9th of September

Time: September 9, 2018 5:30 PM

Departing runway: 25L

Landing runway:35

Aircraft: A319 (Generic livery)

FL: 16000ft

Speed: 270kts

Flight time: ~40mn

Maintain 5 nm seperation


Main Terminal
Stand Name Callsign
A13 @Thomas_G Nasa 1
A11 @anon70624511 DLH 838 HEAVY
A9 reserved reserved
A7 @MathAviation7 AOVA002
A5 @Moonlit AEK-21
A3 reserved reserved
A1 @Bulletzone N2CXDM
B3 @2003iggy IAV201CS
B5 @Lefterix NVOW12Q
B7 @VAnuj JRA-007

To reserve a gate, simply comment below including:

  • Callsign
  • Gate
Note: No more gates available due to low gate number at LGKR

Our route:

You can copy the FPL from me

We will take off from Runway 25L and short after we are going to make a right turn heading to LGKR. It will be a short flight but as always with stunning scenery…

What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and reserve a gate today!! I hope you enjoy this event and last but not least:

Have fun!!

This event is sponsored by Aegean Virtual. Don’t forget to check their website and media account linked below:

001-grid-world 002-instagram


you said the date is August 18th, do you mean September 18th?

Thanks for the heads up!! Now its better 😉

This event looks REALLY good, probably one of the best thought through events I have seen, but I am not grade 3 yet:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


I’ll take A11. You know my callsign. 🙂

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Thank you Dylan. Hope to see you next time :)

Don’t worry. I am very close to Grade 3, I only need 10000 more xp. One ultra long haul and I’ll be there!

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Ofcourse I do. A11 is yours. Wir sehen uns dort 😉

Wir sehen uns dort! 😆 Translation: We see us there!
Finally participating on an great event of you!😍


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You can count me in. AOVA004

A9 is now yours. See you there ☺

I will join! AOVA002!

I knew you would😉 A7 is yours. See you in several weeks!!

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Πάμε Θώμα!!

Great event again my friend! I’ll have a gate of course :)

And the callsign, you know it: AEK-21😁


It seems you didn’t change your opinion about the callsign… Btw A5 is yours :) Thanks for joining my friend!! It will be great!!

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Sounds fun, Callsign is LOWRIDER, any gate is fine. I’ll be flying my f-22 there :)

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Is that date a Friday, Tuesday, Or Thursday? if so I won’t be able to attend

Hello Cpt Cade,

We are planning to fly the A319 there, not the F-22. You could fly as an escort if you wish :) But I suggest you reserve a gate and fly the A319 with us 😉

Its on Sunday, 9th of September. You can have a look at the title above for more informations.

Ok, thanks. Sunday is perfect, the day after the airshow. I’ll stick with my raptor, i have no experience with airbus. :)

Well, I will make an assumption for you…You will be our escort. You can fly next to us if you wish ;) See you there!!

I will PM you for gate info