[ARRIVED] Discover Greece with Aegean: Santorini! @ LGTS - 021900ZSEP18

Aegean Virtual is excited to present our first event…


Aegean Virtual Is Back!

To celebrate our re-opening, we will fly from Thessaloniki in northern Greece across the Aegean islands and the Cyclades, enjoying the beautiful scenery and eventually landing at Santorini, probably the most breathtaking Greek island of them all.

About Santorini

The island of Santorini is one of a kind and well known, especially around Europe, for its bustling tourism due to its amazing beaches, climate, and views. Did you know that Santorini was once quite a large island, but was then cut in half by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions on Earth in recorded history in 1000 BC (the last eruption was in 1950), the traces of which are still easily spotted today? Due to this, it is also known for its black beaches due to the volcanic activity, and amazing mountain hikes.

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your gate to LGSR today!

General Details

Departure Airport: LGTS, Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport

Arrival Airport: LGSR, Santorini Island Airport

Aircraft: A320 (Generic)

Time and Date: September 2, 2018 7:00 PM

Estimated Flight Time: 0:55 - 1:05 hours

Server: Training Server 1

Runways and Flight Plan: Announced 2 hours prior to Event

Procedures Info: Thessaloniki’s 28R is not a runway, it is only rendered that way in IF, it is actually 100% a taxiway. Same goes for Santorini’s Runway 34L/16R.

Reserve your Gate Today!

You don’t need to be an Aegean Virtual Pilot to reserve your gate

To reserve your gate, simply comment below with your callsign. If you want to use the flight number, it’s

Olympic 590, or AEE590.

Santorini’s ramp has a limit of 14 aircraft. Make sure to reserve your gate as soon as you can!


Gate 01: @Moonlit

Gate 02: @MathAviation7

Gate 03: @NeperQiell

Gate 04: @Thomas_G

Gate 07: @QFA_12

Gate 07: @Prasoon_S

Gate 08: @EthanT2

Gate 09: @classbravo553

Gate 10: @Feurum

Gate 11: @cstep4

Gate 13: @LotsOfMuffins

Gate 14: @Philippe_Gilbert

Gate 15: @Pascal2910

Gate 16: @Theslums

Gate 17: @Chase_Smith1

Air Traffic Control

LGTS Ground: @NationofAviation
LGTS Tower: @NationofAviation
LGSR Tower: @NationofAviation
LGSR Approach: @Trevor_A

Stand By
  1. @QFA_12
  2. @Slice

Become an Aegean Pilot

Like what you’ve seen? There’s more where that came from! Aegean Virtual is officially open for business again, and we are as active as ever. Want to discover Greece and Europe with us? Join Here!



Looking forward to this! I d like a gate

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Very nice looking thread. Please put me down next to my friend @NeperQiell :)

Callsign: Nasa 1

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Awesome, Gate 02 is yours! It’s going to be a good one!

Will be good to see you at an event again my Greek friend! Gate 07 is yours :)

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Aegean event? Goes without saying that I’ll be taking a gate ;)

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Quick heads up as it may have not seemed clear in the event thread:

You do not need to be an Aegean Virtual pilot to participate in the event. The thread has also been edited to reflect that. Go ahead and reserve your gate for the beautiful island of Santorini!


Would love to get a gate…

Callsign: AVPILOT

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Oh my gosh another Aegean event my favorite Greek people. Put me on a gate please


You’re down for Gate 08! See you there! :)

Good to see you my friend! You’ve got gate 09 :) see you there!

Can I have a gate please?

Callsign: N1FR

How will I not get a gate. I will get Gate 03 #staffperks 😏

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You’ve got Gate 10 😀 see you there, it’s gonna be a good one!


Someone’s on a high horse here 👀


You got your Gate 3. #perkgranted! See you at the event 😀

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Thanks! Can’t wait for it)

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Gate 11 Please! AOVA110

Hey. Could I please have a gate?

Excited for this.

I cloud take ATC for all three.