[Arrived] Destination Saturdays Vol. 9: Innsbruck | @ LFMN - 201700ZJAN18

@Rajdipta_De the reason for the extremely high rate of climb is that we will be taking off towards the west, which means we will fly directly over Monaco. There they prefer glamour over airplane engine noise :-).

The rate of climb is set by Sim Brief to adhere to their noise restrictions while maintaining safe flight so not to worry! You’ll want to use full take off thrust for this one though.

Once we hit FL130 the ascent profile becomes more friendly.

All requested gates thus far have been confirmed and are noted above. We look forward to seeing you in a couple of hours!

Click here for LOWI approach plates or see above in the new “Resources” section.

Refer to Instrument Approach Chart ICAO (LOC - DME Procedure West). We will be using runway 26.

I don’t see my name, is it normal ?

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I am an AF Pilot. Sign me up please.😊✈️

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@Jo_lg_16 I’ve got it corrected for you now!

@NationofAviation for sure! What’s your AF-KLM call sign?

Can I have a gare please?

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@Javian_J yes of course. What’s your callsign?

My callsign is N50LP

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Am I wrong or is no one at the Airport LFMN?

@Wenzel the event starts in 38 mins. You are spawned at the wrong gate though. I can assign you a gate if you want to join!

@Wenzel I assigned you Gate 08B. Can you please end flight and respawn at your new gate?

Alright I see it now, thanks !

Thank you! I hope it is no problem if my callsign stays how it is.

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Everyone and (most anything) is welcome with AF-KLM :-)

Can I come in a 747? Or no?

dude ure funny check the LOWI airport first…

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@Javian_J no, the available air frames for this flight are A319 [Air France Livery], B737-700 [KLM Livery] or B737-800 [Transavia Livery]

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One question. What is wrong with the time?
It is dark in Innsbruck (sunset at 16:30).