[Arrived] Destination Saturdays Vol. 9: Innsbruck | @ LFMN - 201700ZJAN18

Air France-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 9: Innsbruck | @ LFMN - 201700ZJAN18

Destination Saturday’s (1)

Event Description:
Get ready to put your non-precision approach skills to the test during the 9th installment of Destination Saturdays. We return to the glamorous coastal town of Monaco to continue our journey across the world, traversing northeast to the mountainous Austrian region, home to Innsbruck Kranenbitten airport and one of the most challenging approaches in the world.

Event Details:
Server: Training Server
Region: Europe
Date: 20th of January 2018
Start Time: 1700z
Flight Time: 1hr 03min
End Time: 1900-1930z

Flight Details:
Air Frame: A319-100 [Air France Livery], B737-700 [KLM Livery] or B737-800 [Transavia Livery]
Block Fuel: 6,091 kg
Dep Rwy: 22L
Arr Rwy: 26

4000ft. /min @ 250KIAS until FL130
3220ft. /min @ 300KIAS until FL190
2500ft. /min @ M 0.66 until FL300
939ft./min @ M .78K until FL360

Cruise: FL360 @ M 0.82

Top of Descent: 90NM from Destination
-2400ft. /min @ M .79 until FL240
-2400ft. / min @ M .72 until FL170
-800ft. / min @ M.62 until reaching 4,400ft

WPT Coordinates: LFMN 4333N/713E 4334N/725E USANO 4346N/747E BASIP ANAKI MONEB 4457N/931E PIKOT 4549N/1049E 4622N/1115E BRENO 4659N/1120E 4710N/1050E 4717N/1034E LOWI

DS Innsbruck Route

The flight plan can be copied above and will also be available from myself (KLM 005). Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted below upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.

For AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. For non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.

Airport Charts: https://www.vacc-austria.org/?page=content/chartlist&icao=LOWI&language=en

Approach Tutorial Video:

Gate 06A: KLM 005 — ODW, AF-KLM Head of Events
Gate 02B: AF 107 – @Luke_Around
Remote Apron 35A: AF 108 – @Matthewk17
Remote Apron 31A: Air France 159 – @Jo_lg_16
Gate 08B: Lufthansa 420 – @Wenzel
Remote Apron 61C: Transavia 89 – @Rajdipta_De
Remote Apron 63C: Transavia 99 – @Allen_Lu
Gate 10C: Air France 002 – @Sam_Jacobs1
Gate 12A: Air France 114 – @John_Ryan
Remote Apron 65C: Transavia 136 – @Ozzy
Gate 14A: Air France 003 – @DylanIE
Remote Apron 67C: Air France 181 @Matthew_Rush
Remote Apron 9: AF-KLM – @NationofAviation
Remote Apron 11: Air France 202 – Jordan Gomez
Remote Apron 13: N50LP – @Javian_J
Remote Apron 15:
Remote Apron 20:
Remote Apron 22:

[More Gates Available]

LFMN Ground: @The_Geniusman
LFMN Tower: @The_Geniusman
LOWI Approach: @MathAviation7
LOWI Tower: @The_Geniusman

About Destination Saturdays:
DESTINATION SATURDAYS is our bi-weekly series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Be part of the journey!

Q1/Q2 2018 Schedule:
Vol. 10: Palermo, Italy [LICJ]
Vol. 11: Athens, Greece [LGAV]
Vol. 12: Cairo, Egypt [HECA]
Vol. 13: Dubai, UAE [OMDB]
Vol. 14: Mumbai, India [VABB]
Vol. 15: Bangkok, Thailand [VTBS]

Join Air-France KLM:
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*2017 SkyTrax IF Virtual 5-Star Airline


Transavia 99 pls! :)

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@ODW get me a ticket… AF-KLM 107 thanks


Sign me up although it might be tight for time

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Sign me up! Transavia 89!

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@Rajdipta_De @Matthewk17 @Allen_Lu your gates are confirmed! See you tomorrow.

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Assign me a gate please ! I’m AF159

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Is there a reason for the rate of climb to be high? There are some hills around the airport though.

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Yes Please Omar. Can I have a gate…AF114

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I would love to have a gate! I will be transavia 136 in the 737.

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I shall be in attendance as Air France!

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Air France for me please Omar!

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i will take a gate please AF-KLM 181

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i will be taking the af a319-100

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All you guys are confirmed! Omar probably won’t be able to add you for a while as it’s early morning where he is. See you there!

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Btw Sir the Route u create which web is it?
I hardly can see from the screenshot

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Sorry, what do you mean?

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I can control approach and tower at LOWI for the event.

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I mean which web he create those radar vectors or how did he create it? :)

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Omar used SimBrief to create that flight plan, the waypoints are above so there won’t be any issue.

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