[Arrived] Destination Saturdays Vol. 8: Monaco | @ LXGB - 061700ZJAN18

Can I get in on this?

15mins away from monaco!

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Nice landings so far! We are waiting for everyone on the ground at LFMN

@Javian_J the event is nearly finish. The second half of the group is now on approach to LFMN. You are welcome to spawn in to watch the arrivals but the flight portion is completed.

@ODW Sorry, I need to leave, but great event, Bye!

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@Richard_Wei yes that was fun! Thanks for coming.

Great event and a big shootout to the controllers at Nice! Waiting for the next one!

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That would be @DylanIE and @The_Geniusman thank you both!

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At Gibraltar

Enroute to Monaco!

Descending into Monaco!

At Nice Cote d’azur airport!

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THANK YOU everyone for attending. Fun times. The journey continues in two weeks. Until then!

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Ahh that sucks. Will you be doing another one soon?

@Javian_J we host Destination Saturdays every two weeks, so the next one will be the 20th of January and we are flying to Innsbruck, Austrica from LFMN. We always take-off from the arrival destination of the previous flight (like career mode) and make our way around the world.

Below is the upcoming schedule for your reference:

Q1/Q2 2018 Schedule:
Vol. 9: Innsbruck, Austrica [LOWI]
Vol. 10: Palermo, Italy [LICJ]
Vol. 11: Athens, Greece [LGAV]
Vol. 12: Cairo, Egypt [HECA]
Vol. 13: Dubai, UAE [OMDB]
Vol. 14: Mumbai, India [VABB]
Vol. 15: Bangkok, Thailand [VTBS]

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Perfect! Already see a few that im interested in

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Is vol. 9 happening on this Saturday?

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I’ll be there Air France please and thankyou

Yes it is, stay tuned for more details!

Bit early for that, but we’ll take that for Saturday 😀

Yes i will be there too air france 89.

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@Rajdipta_De @John_Stollenwerk the thread for DS Vol. 9 is live! Make sure to RSVP here: Air France-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 9: Innsbruck | @ LFMN - 201700ZJAN18

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