[Arrived] Destination Saturdays Vol. 8: Monaco | @ LXGB - 061700ZJAN18

Air France-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 8: Monaco | @ LXGB - 061700ZJAN18

Event Description:
The 8th installment of Destination Saturdays picks up where we last left off on the British overseas territory of Gibraltar and takes us northeast along the Spanish coast to the French resort town of Monaco, playground for the international jet.

Event Details:
Server: Training Server
Region: Europe
Date: 6th of January 2018
Start Time: 1700z
Flight Time: 1hr 49min
End Time: 1900-1930z

Flight Details:
Air Frame: A319-100 [Air France Livery] or B737-700 [KLM Livery]
Block Fuel: 7,150 kg
Dep Rwy: 27
Take-off/Climb: 2200 ft./min @220KIAS
Cruise: FL390 @ M 0.82
TOD: Begin descent 125NM out. -1800 ft./min @ 210KIAS
Arr Rwy: 4R

WPT Coordinates:
LXGB N3609.1W00521.0 VIBAS N3723.5W00337.9
BAZAS N3744.1W00311.1 YES N3821.6W00221.2
XEBAR N3831.3W00205.6 ASTRO N3901.5W00115.8 SOPET N3950.0W00000.3 TORDU N4015.5E00035.3 EBROX N4042.5E00113.9 PEXOT N4051.6E00127.1 RODRA N4103.1E00143.8
BCN N4118.4E00206.5 FEVIK N4140.8E00311.8 DALIN N4144.0E00321.5
PIVUS N4155.4E00356.0 DIBER N4204.8E00424.9 SOSUR N4233.6E00459.8
SOFFY N4301.2E00510.8 MRM N4322.6E00519.6 ABLAK N4330.1E00526.3
ABILI N4334.1E00540.5 AMFOU N4335.7E00606.1 TIPIK N4330.2E00626.1
MUS N4323.1E00636.4 LFMN N4339.9E00712.9

The flight plan is noted above under “WPT Coordinates” and will also be available from myself (KLM 003). Gibraltar airport has limited parking (5 spots) so we will stagger departures.

Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted below upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.

For AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. For non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.

Group A | 1700Z Departure
Gate 05: KLM 003 — @ODW AF-KLM Head of Events [Group A Flight Leader]
Gate 04: Air France 114 —@John_Ryan
Gate 03: KLM 589 — @Richard_Wei
Gate 02: Air France 137 — @WillmerSanchez
Gate 01: Air France 107 — @Luke_Around

Group B | 1710Z Departure
Gate 05: Air France 006 – @Emil_Svanbring [Group B Flight Leader]
Gate 04: @Joshua_Davis
Gate 03: KLM 167 — @Wjom90
Gate 02: @MZVT
Gate 01: Air France — @Adrian_Lostaunau

Group C | 1720Z Departure
Gate 05: Air France 159 — @Jo_lg_16 [Group C Flight Leader]
Gate 04: KLM 138 — @KingWings
Gate 03: Air France 124 – @Kenny1238
Gate 02: Air France 127 – @Samuel_Ten
Gate 01: Air France 136 – @Ozzy

Group D | 1730Z Departure
Gate 05: Air France 108 – @Matthewk17 [Group D Flight Leader]
Gate 04: Air France 001 — @Luke AF-KLM President
Gate 03: Air France 146 – @MathAviation7
Gate 02: Air France 1080 – @CaptainDePauw
Gate 01: Air France 89 – @Rajdipta_De

Group E | 1740Z Departure
Gate 05: Reserved for AF-KLM Saff Team / Elite XI Pilot Corps
Gate 04:
Gate 03:
Gate 02:
Gate 01:

[More Gates Available]

LXGB Tower: @Rajdipta_De
LXGB Departure: Available*****
LFMN Approach: Available*****
LFMN Tower: @The_Geniusman
LFMN Ground: @The_Geniusman

*****For the benefit of pilots in attendance, ONLY serious ATC or IFATC trainees wanted . This event is NOT sponsored by or affiliated with IFATC in any way. Operations conducted during Destination Saturdays should not be considered formal ATC training in any way.

About Destination Saturdays:
DESTINATION SATURDAYS is our bi-weekly series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Be part of the journey!

Q1/Q2 2018 Schedule:
Vol. 9: Innsbruck, Austrica [LOWI]
Vol. 10: Palermo, Italy [LICJ]
Vol. 11: Athens, Greece [LGAV]
Vol. 12: Cairo, Egypt [HECA]
Vol. 13: Dubai, UAE [OMDB]
Vol. 14: Mumbai, India [VABB]
Vol. 15: Bangkok, Thailand [VTBS]

Join Air-France KLM:
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Count me in! I’ll be in an A319 Air france, Air France 170


Yes ! This one I will ne able to fly ! I’m AF159 and I would like a gate at 1720z, this time would be suitable for me, thanks !

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@kylen15 great! Looking forward to flying with you!

@Jo_lg_16 awesome. You are designated Flight Leader for Group C. See you on Saturday!

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Love it, perfect timing, one hour early means no event but perfectly scheduled. Boeing 737-700 KLM KLM589 please. Thanks! @ODW Edit: I can make it to the 1700Z first flight Thank you!

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@Richard_Wei great, glad to hear it! Your gate is confirmed. See you Saturday.

I wrote down, AF137. You think you can place me in group A, it’s because of time, good route.

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I’ll be there as Group B leader, Air France 002!

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@WillmerSanchez thank you! You’re all set up. We’ll see you at Gibraltar!

@Sam_Jacobs excellent. Good to have you on board! You are confirmed.

I should be free Omar, sign me up!

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@Carrots4Luke1awesome! I set you up as the Group D Flight a Leader but let me know if you prefer another time slot. See you on Saturday!

@ODW AF 107 A319 pls… thanks

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@Luke_Around you are all set for Group A. See see at LXGB!

roger that m8… thanks :D

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Can I take a gate please AF114

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Of course I´m in in this event, A319 AF, call sign KLM 167

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I’m going to be able this time ! AF 152 !!

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Hi! There seems to be another persom with a username very similar to mine and it seems you have mistaken mine for theirs. I wouldnt want to confuse their opportunity!

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