[Arrived] Destination Saturdays Vol. 7: Gibraltar | @ LPMA - 231700ZDEC17

Air France-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 7: Gibraltar | @ LPMA - 231700ZDEC17

Event Description:
Are you ready to test your non-precision approach skills? The 7th installment of Destination Saturdays picks up where we left off on the Portuguese isle of Madeira and takes us east towards the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, home to the famous rock of Gibraltar and ranked among the top 10 hardest approaches in the world.

Event Details:
Server: Expert Server
Region: Europe
Date: 23rd of December 2017
Start Time: 1700z
Flight Time: 1hr 37min
End Time: 1900z

Flight Details:
Air Frame: A319-100 [Air France Livery] or B737-700 [KLM Livery]
Block Fuel: 6,968 kg
Dep Rwy: 05
Take-off/Climb: 2200 ft./min @220KIAS
Cruise: FL360 @ M 0.80
TOD: Begin descent 125NM out. -1800 ft./min @ 210KIAS
Arr Rwy: 09

Gibraltar FPL

The flight plan will be available from myself (Air France 003). Gibraltar airport has limited parking (5 spots) so we will rely on ATC approach to issue holding patterns while planes land, park, shut down and end flight.

Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted below upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section. For AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. For non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.


LXGB Landing Tutorial Video:

LXGB Approach Charts: http://www.pentekesti.com/sites/default/files/charts/lxgb.pdf

A01: Air France 003 — ODW, AF-KLM Head of Events
A02: Air France 007 — Kieron
A03: KLM 88 – @aircasa_88
A04: Air France 114 – @John_Ryan
A05: Air France 105 – @Liam_Kirk
A06: KLM 133 – @The_Geniusman
A07: Air France 002 – @Sam_Jacobs1 AF-KLM Deputy President
A08: KLM 147 – @5pe3dy
A09: KLM 116 – @Matthewk17
A10: Air France 159 – @Jo_lg_16
A11: Air France 104 – @natedog508
A12: Air France 173 – @GregMFM
A13: Air France 148 – @JoelJ
A14: Air France 110 – @miko99x
A16: KLM 167 — @Wjom90
[No More Gates Available]

LPMA Tower:
LXGB Approach:
LXGB Tower:

About Destination Saturdays:
DESTINATION SATURDAYS is our bi-weekly series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Be part of the journey!

Q1/Q2 2018 Schedule:
Vol. 8: Monaco, France [LFMN]
Vol. 9: Innsbruck, Austrica [LOWI]
Vol. 10: Palermo, Italy [LICJ]
Vol. 11: Athens, Greece [LGAV]
Vol. 12: Cairo, Egypt [HECA]
Vol. 13: Dubai, UAE [OMDB]
Vol. 14: Mumbai, India [VABB]
Vol. 15: Bangkok, Thailand [VTBS]

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I’m KLM133 can I have a gate


Gate for me please! I love Gibraltar! Going to be fun!

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Sign me up Omar! I finally have a Saturday evening free 😀


KLM147, i love gibraltar. there is a highway crossing the Runway, so it will be fun :P give me a gate pls


Sign me up please. KLM165.
I can actually go to this one


Great! Will get all of you set up with a gate shortly. It’s going to be one for the books!


Reserve me a gate !! I’m AF159


Can you put me on there Omar!


@natedog508 remind me your call sign please. Thanks!

@Jo_lg_16 you are confirmed! See you on Saturday.

I would like to come but I ‘unfortunately’ will be in the middle of a flight to Geneva

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@DylanIE thanks for letting me know. Not a bad way to spend your Saturday, after all :-). Enjoy the trip!

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I want to join! My callsign will be Air France 148.


My callsign is actually af/klm 116 now

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@Matthewk17 ok. Updated above. You are ready to go!

The link to the approach charts has been added. Refer to page 9 for the civilian approach to Rnwy 9.

AF170 Gonna be there (hopefully) Sign me up!


@xSev I set you up with Gate A16. If for some reason you cannot attend, please try to let me know before Saturday as we are limited on gates for the event. Thanks and look forward to seeing you!


Give me a gate please, I’m KLM 167

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