[Arrived] Destination Saturdays Vol. 21: Tahiti I @ NZAA - 281600ZJULY18

Air France - KLM Virtual Group Presents

Destination Saturdays Vol 21: Tahiti

NZAA - 281600ZJUL18


Event Description

Our journey across the globe continues with the 21st installment of Destination Saturdays. Next stop: Tahiti! Detouring from our originally planned route to Sydney, we will depart from Auckland, New Zealand and head northeast across the Pacific Ocean to Fa’a’ā International Airport on the beautiful island of Tahiti. From there we will head to Honolulu (Destination Saturdays Vol. 22 on Aug. 04) before returning back to Sydney (Destination Saturdays Vol. 23 on Aug. 11) to complete the Oceania leg of our tour. Why the detour, you ask? Because you can’t finish summer without a visit to Tahiti and Honolulu. So, ladies and gents, grab your bathing suits!

Air France – KLM Virtual cordially invites you to experience Destination Saturdays, our signature multi-leg event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Some describe it as career mode for the world traveler at heart, while others say we’ve set out to finish what Amelia Earhart started. However, you look at it, Destination Saturdays is sure to deliver fun times flying with friends (old and new). Be part of the journey every week as we pick up where we last left off!


Event Details

Auckland [NZAA] to Tahiti [NTAA]

Server: Expert Server [Global v2]
Region: Oceania
Date: 28th of July 2018
Start Time: 16:00z
Flight Time: 4h 27m
End Time: 20:30z


Flight Details

Air Frame: B777 Family
SkyTeam Livery Options: Air France; Air France (SkyTeam)
Distance: 2210NM
Block Fuel: 58,338 KG
Departure Runway: 05R
Arrival Runway: 04

Climb Profile:
2100 ft. /min @ 250 kts until FL110
2100 ft. /min @ 310 kts until FL390

FL390 @ M 0.83

Descent Profile:
TOD Waypoint: 1906S/15138W
-1700ft. /min @ M .83 until FL290
-1700ft. /min @ 310 kts until FL120
-1700ft. / min @ 220 kts until FL040



Flight Plan

NZAA EMRAG SATLA 3610S/17720E OLBEX IGETO 3100S/17000W 2500S/16000W 1906S/15138W AROBA KARNO OVINI NTAA



  • All AF-KLM Pilots, regardless of rank, are invited to participate and will receive 2x flight time towards your ranking. Non-AF-KLM pilots that attend the event and join AF-KLM VA will receive 1.5x flight time.
  • All IFC and IFVA members are welcome to attend.
  • Departure gates will be assigned to all participants upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.
  • Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at ALL TIMES. This includes showing courtesy to fellow airmen during taxi, maintaining proper spacing in flight, and following ATC instruction.

Crew Resources

NZAA Charts: http://www.vatnz.net/airspace/airport/NZAA

NTAA Charts: http://www.tahiti-aeroport.pf/UserFiles/File/fiche%20technique%20FAAA.pdf



Remote 15: @Omar_DeWindt [Flight Leader]
Remote 16: @Kendall_Mahrez
Remote 17: @Luke_Around
Remote 18: @Cristian_Gonzalez
Remote 19: @aircasa_88

Gate 01: @TransitkidJason
Gate 02: @TheFlyingKiwi
Gate 03: @HPNMatt
Gate 04: @Louie
Gate 05:
Gate 06: @Adrian_Lostaunau
Gate 07: @Kenny1238
Gate 08: @Emil_Svanbring
Gate 09: @AmarKler
Gate 10: @Cpt.Paul

Remote 74: @Captain_Chris
Remote 75: @Diederick
Remote 76: @jaier99
Remote 77: @kznawsm
Remote 78: @Muhammad_Rifan_Panji
Remote 79: @Leonard_Paulson
Remote 80: Mac Bacon
Remote 81: @Isacc_Paddy
Remote 82: @SF34
Remote 83:


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I participate in the event

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@Kendall_Mahrez great. I will RSVP you now. See you on Saturday!

Yay… Count me in @Omar_DeWindt lets go…hahh

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Sign me up on any gate. Thunks!!👍

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Please count me in @Omar_DeWindt

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Sign me up at GATE 2… I’ve boarded most of my flights at this gate

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Count me in for the event

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Your gates are confirmed, ladies and gents!! See you on Saturday.


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@BennyBoy if you end up getting your subscription renewed, let me know and I’ll set you up with a gate. Cheers!

I’d like to join this event tomorrow night.

AF/KLM 123

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@Captain_Chris amazing. Glad to have you with us! It’s going to be a nice flight.

I would like to join this event

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@jaier99 thanks for signing up. We look forward to flying with you tomorrow!

Please sign me up Omar. Thank you.

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@kznawsm absolutely! I will set you up now.

So the event is today? I don’t want to miss outt

@TheFlyingKiwi the event is tomorrow, Saturday, July 28 at 1600z. See you then!!

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Little confused as it’s already Saturday for me

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Ah, sorry mate. The event is 19 hours from now.