[Arrived] Destination Saturdays, Vol 20: Auckland I @ NZQN - 141700ZJUL18


Perfect, looking forward :)


Hey, great event. May I have gate 3 in group Charlie?
Thanks and look forward seeing you.


@ChrisS thank you! And yes, you are confirmed. See you next week!


Do you know how I can join even if I’m not in the va yet?


@CaptDan do you mean how you can join the IFVARB Summit? If so, from what I heard any non-VA or non-registered pilot can technically fly in to the airport, although you should expect to be directed to the end of the arrival line or placed into a holding pattern until space frees up. Check the link to the event for more details and arrival procedures though. There is a very specific setup tomorrow. Should be fun though!


Oh yea. Sorry for the confusion lol @Omar_DeWindt


No worries. Here is the link to the event thread: The IFVARB’s Second VA Summit (VA Applications Closed) @ EDDF - 072000ZJUL18


Seems too confusing. Guess i probably won’t participate.


Is there anyway I can join you guys. What time is departure


@CaptDan the AFKLM team is departing at 19:27z from both EHAM and LFPG. Like I mentioned before, you can technically fly the route although the gate assignment registration is closed so there is no way to receive an arrival slot at this point. You can still fly the journey from start to finish though.

If you do, I suggest you read over the departure and arrival procedures in the IFVARB thread because I hear that IFATC will be ghosting those that don’t adhere to the rules.

Have fun!


Sorry to ask but what is an arrival slot and any specific aircraft


Never mind, I knew. I will be spectating at CDG


Sorry to bother have you heard anything on my application?


I would like to take a gate on Charlie group. Thunks AF/KLM team!


@Cristian_Gonzalez your gate is confirmed. We will see you on Saturday. Cheers.


Destination Saturdays Vol. 20 is just a few days away! Looking for volunteers to be Flight Leaders for Bravo and Charlie group. Thanks!


Flight plan details will be posted soon. Looking forward to seeing everyone at NZQN later today. Get ready for some beautiful views!


I seriously recommend this flight! Beautiful scenery without having to be in danger!


@CreativeUsername thank you! Beautiful views indeed. You are welcome to join us 🤓


[AF101] requests Group Alpha if possible :)