[Arrived] Destination Saturdays Vol. 10: Palermo | @ LOWI - 031600ZFEB18

Air France-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 10: Palermo | @ LOWI - 031600ZFEB18

Event Description:
It’s time to get a plane full of Austrian passengers out of the cold weather for some fun under the Mediterranean Sun. The 10th installment of Destination Saturdays takes us to Palermo, the capital city of the Italian island of Sicily. Departing from the Austrian town of Innsbruck, we head south over Italy and across the Mediterranean Sea on our way to Falcone–Borsellino Airport, located 19NM west-northwest of Palermo. Join us on this final leg of the European tour as we journey across the world, exploring the most iconic destinations and dangerous approaches on the globe.

Event Details:
Server: Training Server
Region: Europe / Mediterranean
Date: 3rd of February 2018
Start Time: 1600z
Flight Time: 1hr 22min
End Time: 1800z

Flight Details:
Air Frame: E190 [KLM Livery] or A319 [Air France Livery]
Distance: 589NM
Block Fuel: 5,624 kg
Dep Rwy: 26
Arr Rwy: 25

Climb Profile:
2500 ft. /min @ 250KIAS until FL160
2400 ft. /min @ 290KIAS until FL300
1000 ft. /min @ M 0.75 until FL350

FL350 @ M 0.72

Descent Profile:
Begin Descent 99NM from Destination
-2200ft. /min @ M .70 until FL220
-2200ft. / min @ 290KIAS until FL100
-2200ft. / min @ 250KIAS until reaching 4,400ft


Innsbruck Kranebitten airport has limited parking (8 spots) so we will stagger departures. When you RSVP, please indicate which Group I Departure time you prefer (1600z, 1615z, 1630x, etc).

Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted below upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section. For AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. For non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.

The flight plan will be available from myself (KLM 005).

Crew Resources:


Group A I 1600z Departure
Apron 01: Air France 99 – @Allen_Lu
Apron 02: Air France 208 – @Louie
Apron 03: Air France 186 – @ifpilotjoel
Apron 04: Callsign TBD – @ItzEhs
Apron 05: Air France 101 – @onr2ylmz
Apron 06: KLM 107 – @Luke_Around
Apron 07: Air France 108 – @Matthewk17 (AF-KLM Elite XI)
Apron 08: KLM 003 — @ODW AF-KLM Head of Events [Group A Flight Leader]
South Hangar 04-1:
Engine Test Stand: KLM 147
South Hangar 02: @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly

Group B I 1615z Departure
Apron 01: N50LP – @Javian_J
Apron 02: Air France 89 — @Rajdipta_De
Apron 03: N27QY — @SlimeFlyer
Apron 04: Air France 188 – @Semen_Kedych
Apron 05: Air France 159 – @Jo_lg_16 (AF-KLM Elite XI)
Apron 06: Air France 136 – @Ozzy
Apron 07: Air France 152 – @Adrian_Lostaunau
Apron 08: Air France 006 – @Emil_Svanbring, AF-KLM Flight Manager [Group B Flight Leader]
South Hangar 04-1:
Engine Test Stand:
South Hangar 02:

Group C I 1630z Departure
Apron 01: Air France 147 – @5pe3dy
Apron 02:
Apron 03: Air France 120 – @Moonlit
Apron 04: KLM 001 – @Luke AF-KLM President
Apron 05: KLM 177 — @drewmisk
Apron 06: Air France 169 – @DublinSpotter
Apron 07: Air France 114 – @John_Ryan
Apron 08: Air France 002 — @Sam_Jacobs1 AF-KLM Deputy President [Group C Flight Leader]

[More Gates Available]

LOWI Tower: @The_Geniusman AF-KLM ATC Team
LICJ Approach
LICJ Tower: @MathAviation7 AF-KLM ATC Manager
LICJ Ground: @MathAviation7 AF-KLM ATC Manager

About Destination Saturdays:
DESTINATION SATURDAYS is our bi-weekly series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Be part of the journey!

Q1/Q2 2018 Schedule:
Vol. 11: Athens, Greece [LGAV]
Vol. 12: Cairo, Egypt [HECA]
Vol. 13: Dubai, UAE [OMDB]
Vol. 14: Mumbai, India [VABB]
Vol. 15: Bangkok, Thailand [VTBS]

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Air France 99!
Group A! Merci

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Great to have you aboard @Allen_Lu I look forward to flying together.

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hook me up @ODW… AF-KLM 107… also it falls on my B’day … haha

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Sign me up as always @ODW

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[AF101] requesting Group A

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@Luke_Around we will have to do a birthday fly by or something lol. Group A then?!

@Matthewk17 perfect! Sounds good my friend. Group A?

sure mate :D…

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@onr2ylmz confirmed! See you next Saturday

Destination Saturdays Vol 14 is to my Home Base… ill wait till then as a bday flight ;)

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Sign me up! AF 178 (Elite XI). Any gate will do me, thanks.

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@Camr all set my friend. It’s going to be a good one! Looking forward to flying with you.

@Luke_Around really?! Mumbai? Super cool!

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Likewise, Omar. Will make sure nothing conflicts.

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Sure! @ODW group a sounds good

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AF186 1600Z apron 04

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AF 152 ! Requesting flight group A !

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@Adrian_Lostaunau thank you for the RSVP! Group A has filled up already. How about Group B?

Could I have a group B gate please

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