[Arrived & Deplaned] KJFK-RJTT Groupflight @ KJFK - 0400330ZJAN20

Mind if i give yall an escort into RJTT?

Ohh gosh it seems to i
Missed out

Yep, we’re descending to RJTT in a bit. You can meet us at RJTT if you’d like to

Ok, so…

In the end, I was the only one to complete the journey, but got 4 violations in that due to an error :(

Thanks @Infinite_flight_play, @DanyyRude,@Simon_Botero, @thenewpilot, and @TaipeiGuru for joining me.

@Simon_Botero, when did you leave?? I didn’t see you for landing!

Thanks @Mike for escorting me to RJTT, you must’ve seen that terrible landing of mine

@Imyash_Sharma, maybe we can do another group flight. I’m available for group flights on Tuesday and Thursday. PM me for group flights.

Thanks everyone! Have a gr8 day! :)


See ya round mate, landing the POTUSmobile soon

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Yeahh ran i would love to always make me notified when u made or aetup a new group flight event

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Alright! Will let you know!


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