[Arrived & Deplaned] KJFK-RJTT Groupflight @ KJFK - 0400330ZJAN20

I would go, but I have to sleep. :p
(ANAVA Pride)

Another 15 minutes you can spawn… takeoff should be within 10 minutes after spawning if all goes right :)

Allright in 15 min ill spawn at KJFK

Will you see there!

What will be the alt and the mach?

I will give all logistics in PM. Give me about 10 minutes and I’ll spawn and give the details as fast as possible.

@ran can I use an Avianca livery? I know you prefer an ANA one, but…

(but still, no problem. After all, this is your flight, so I shall be most flexible)

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Any specific place at KJFK we’re spawning? I’m loading in now

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@thenewpilot What is your callsign?

ANA2020 is my callsign

Ok, I’m looking for you

I’m spawning in still. Thats why I asked anywhere specific in regards to terminals?

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Um, I’m thinking Terminal 8…

Oh ok. I’ll take T8 G2.

@Simon_Botero, you can, but I would suggest you don’t… it beats the purpose of the flight

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I am going to send the PM now.

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@thenewpilot saw you.

Right back at you.

I wonder what KJFK ground is thinking rn. Probably like “aw here we go again.”

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We have departed!

You can track us on live flight! Callsigns:

@ran - ANA001 Heavy
@thenewpilot - ANA2020 Heavy
@TaipeiGuru - T-AIPEI
@Simon_Botero - All Nippon 350 Heavy
@Infinite_flight_play - Aegean 199 Heavy

This is on the Training Server