[Arrived & Deplaned] KJFK-RJTT Groupflight @ KJFK - 0400330ZJAN20

           KJFK-RJTT Groupflight!
  • Aircraft and Livery: Preferably ANA B773 or B78X.

  • Route: KJFK-RJTT

  • Time of Departure: 2020-01-04T03:30:00Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: This is a VA photoshoot and group flight for ANA Virtual Group with EVA Air Virtual pilots joining in.

Any pilot may join in ANA, EVA Air, or Asiana livery. Those with EVA Air livery can continue to RCTP and those in Asiana livery can continue to RKSI if they’d like to.

Flightplan can be copied off of me (my callsign will be ANA001). Please let me know your callsign if you plan to join.


Pilots that are joining:

@ran (me)

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@TaipeiGuru, just confirming that you will be joining, right?

Ill be joining ill be using 777 3 ana airlines and my callsingn will be all nippon 199

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Thanks! As of now we should be having about 5 people joining.

Which aircraft will you use?

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I might use the B78X. Let’s see everyone else who will join and then I’ll choose aircraft

@Infinite_flight_play, @thenewpilot, @TaipeiGuru, and @DanyyRude, I will add you all along with other signees to a PM.

Anyone else interested?

Well, shoot if Asiana is an option, its some serious temptation to fly the A388, but I think I’ll stick with the B78X. Callsign: ANA2020 (no pun intended 😂)

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Alright! Thanks so much @thenewpilot!

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Yep, nice pun! 2020 olympics and new decade!

By the way, found your flight on LiveFlight :)

Air France 70 super

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Okay, visibility is lower, but I think everything will be good.

Yeah I suppose so. What time are we spawning in? I’m gonna check my social media right after I finish the flight then be right back in for the departure. ok 10:30p got it.

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Anyone else who’d like to join in for the event?

I feel guilty as heck rn. Burned 210,000lbs of fuel

Thanks @Infinite_Flight_Sims! I forgot to add that it’s @KJFK

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@Simon_Botero, would you like to join?

Would certainly be one of my biggest pleasures, dear!


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What time we will spawn

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We should spawn around 7:20-7:25.

Great @Simon_Botero! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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At my place its currently 11.04 almost midnight so how long from spawning?

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