[Arrived] Delta Virtual's Tour Down Under @ YPAD - 181900ZFEB18


Join Delta VA as we take our lovely Boeing 737-800’s to the Earth’s smallest continent and 6th largest country, Australia. Flying from the beautiful city of Adelaide [YPAD], over Melbourne and Sydney, and ending up in Brisbane [YBBN], we are sure you will enjoy this Australian tour. Adelaide has a stunning departure with beautiful scenery that you will regret not seeing, and Brisbane has a wonderful approach, which you will also regret not seeing. So why not join Delta Virtual along this tour down under?

Server - Expert

Date - 2/18/18


Departure Time - 1900Z


EST 2:00pm
CST 1:00pm
MST 12:00pm
PST 11:00am

Arrival Time - 2200Z


EST 5:00pm
CST 4:00pm
MST 3:00pm
PST 2:00pm

Expected Flight Time - 3 hours
Flight time estimated-Diversion to YAMB if necessary-Check NOTAM for possible diversions


V1-137 / V2-149 / VR-142
Flight Level - FL360

How it's Done (Climb)

Flaps set to °10 for take off / Stay below 95% N1
-Takeoff under 200KIAS until FL040 - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL100 from 230KIAS - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL160 from cruise speed M.78 (295KIAS until cross over altitude) - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL230 from cruise speed - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL280 from cruise speed - 2300fpm
-Climb to FL330 from cruise speed - 1800fpm
-Climb to FL360 from cruise speed - 1300fpm

How it's Done (Descent)

Begin descent 130NM out of (YBBN)
-1900fpm until at FL210
-1400fpm until at FL100 / Slow down at FL130
-900fpm until you intercept ILS


Departure - (Adelaide Int’l Airport) / (YPAD)
Arrival - (Brisbane Int’l Airport) / (YBBN)


(Boeing 737-800) (Delta Livery)

-Total Fuel - 22,218bs. / 10,078kgs

-Passengers - 22,234lbs. / 10,085kgs / 131 Souls

-Cargo - ~ 6,766lbs. / ~ 3,069kgs.

-ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight) - 109,689lbs. / 49,754kgs

NOTAM: YPAD-YBBN // M.78 at cruise alt. // expect possible minor turbulence // FPL made by @xsev
(DLVA427) and is to be copied at YPAD after spawning in //

For more information check below

YPAD charts - YPAD informaion
YBBN charts - YBBN information

Current gate assignments:
Spots (request a spot):

Gate 12L - @xSev
Gate 13 - @rjr112
Gate 14L - @anthonyphilemon
Gate 15 - @Bigballin2u
Gate 16L - @LennyD
Gate 17 - @Kyle.r24
Gate 18L - @mwe2187
Gate 19 - @TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate 20L - @Mjv0309
Gate 21 - @anon34936691
Gate 22L -
Gate 23 -
Gate 24L -
Gate 25 -
Gate 26L -
Gate 29 -

More gates will be added if need be // Pushback order is from top to bottom on the gates list

imageWho are We?

Delta Virtual


image About us

Delta Virtual is an airline of distinction. Stemming from the idea that efficiency gets the job done, we are sure to have everything ready for Global. Your dream of a perfect airline is our reality so we invite you to join this incredible group. With 100+ members and an interactive staff team, Delta Virtual offers warm welcomes. We have elegantly designed our website to suit the simplicity, yet professional feel you so desire the most. Delta Virtual takes VAs to the next level.

image Where we Fly

Delta Virtual offers nearly 1,200 routes all hand inputted into our database so the search for one is painless. We have 14 hubs all across the globe ready for your aircraft. We have routes ranging from 1 hour flights to 10+ hour flights, featuring some beautiful destinations like Amsterdam and Boston! Our interactive globe makes it fun and easy to find a route, find where it will take you, and how long it will be. So what are you waiting for? Join Delta Virtual today to start your career in Infinite Flight aviation and an experience to last.

Delta Virtual - Building a better airline for global, not just a bigger one.


What we’re using:
SimBrief Briefing: YPAD-YBBN | YPAD Charts
| YPAD Information | YBBN Charts | YBBN Information | ZULU time chart | Airnav | FlightAware | Delta Virtual


Hi can I get a gate - DLVA1671

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Sure thing, see you there

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Looks like another great event by Route Master xSev👍🏼
Really tempting
But it’s on my 2-5am, otherwise…😕
Still, wish you guy a great n fun flight 🛬😎🛫


I’m gonna try to make it DLVA981


Gate Please!!! “DILLY DILLY”


Sign me up, I’ll take a gate.


I’ll take a gate, thanks


Gate please. 75% sure ill be there.



Yo unden hook me up please.


I’ll take a gate, looks great!

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can i have gate pls it looks quite nice

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Soz I can’t come I am busy

Event has been pushed back to 1900Z, if you can not come please let me know ASAP! Sorry for the inconvenience!

The event description says 1800z. I may be able to make it I will contact later if I can’t

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I’ll take a gate thanks

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Start spawning in everyone!

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