[ARRIVED] Delta Virtual's Super Bowl Fly-In @ KMSP - 022300ZFEB18

Got it thank you very much.

New FPL, removed the part going to JFK please copy.

I’m spawning in! Am I too late?

Nope, I just took off

Is there a reason why you were taxiing through the gates?

Lag :/ a LOT of lag. Sorry

You came up on my screen just fine. No FPS issues.

Really? huh. That’s weird.

I’m very frustrated with the service I am getting from DLATC. I have waited 15 minutes now and every few minutes when I request a pushback I receive a hold position. Everyone else is pushing back, I’m not really sure why I can’t

Its because we are pushing everyone in order from top to bottom, if someone is above you on the gate list, they will be pushed before you.

That’s such a bad idea… I’m despawning I don’t feel like waiting for another 15 minutes

i didn’t think I would make itIs it too late to sign up?

Just be patient, you cant have everything your way.

Are you at PHL? I don’t see you

No, spawn in an open gate at KBOS or KPHL.

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Thank you for your opinion @William_Armstrong. We use this method so that we have a smooth flow in taking off and you are not having to wait for traffic in taxi and or by the runway. We have used this for the last few months with events that have 30+ aircraft in each and have found it to be great.

we are sorry you don’t want to fly with us and need to rush to push. have a good evening

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Thank you for the quick response. Maybe a heads up on your thread would have been helpful. (Maybe I missed it) Anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Yeah, my bad on my part for not putting that in. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Its not problem. Enjoy your flight!

This should answer your question