[ARRIVED] Delta Virtual's Super Bowl Fly-In @ KMSP - 022300ZFEB18

Sign me up for KBOS!

Roger that A16 is yours

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Can I take a gate please?

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Yes you can would you like KBOS or KPHL?

Sorry can I take KPHL thanks


can i have a gate in philly

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Could I fly out from PHL please.

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Sure thing! B16 for you

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Sign me up for KBOS please.

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@Sherbert342 Ive changed your gate to C20 hope this doesnt cause problems

KBOS gate please thanks

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Shown above is the taxi route depending on your terminal and runway assignment.

Departure Runways will be RW 33L and RW 27.

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I’m spawned in and have FPL ready. We will head south west a bit to meet up with the KPHL group somewhere around CLE

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30+ Pilots attending, wow.

This means there will be heavy traffic upon arrival, so that means there will be more fuel in your guys’ tanks.

KPHL: 46,795lbs/21,226kgs
KBOS: 51,502lbs/23,361kgs

Please start spawning in everyone!!!

Can’t attend b/c of swimming :/ sorry

Could you maybe move it to 6:15 EST?

Yeah we are planning on doing that not many people are here yet

Need someone with the flight plan to spawn in.

Both @kylen15 and I are spawned in with FPL

FPL is already made I’m DLVA427, copy that