[ARRIVED] Delta Virtual's Super Bowl Fly-In @ KMSP - 022300ZFEB18


Join Delta Virtual as we take one of our infamous charter aircraft, the Boeing 787-8 to the twin cities! As many of you may know, Super Bowl LII (52) is coming up. To celebrate this, we will be having our very own event dedicated to the super bowl! We will be flying our lovely Boeing 787-8’s carrying both the Patriots and the Eagles on board. There will be two groups, and both of them will be meeting up at KMSP. One group will be departing from the bustling city of Philadelphia, and the other will be departing from Boston. We encourage you guys to support your choice of team when the time comes for the super bowl. We hope you all enjoy the event!


Server - Training Server [Global] V2

Date - 2/2/18 Zulu Date

Departure Time - 2300Z


EST 6:00pm
CST 5:00pm
MST 4:00pm
PST 3:00pm

Expected Flight Time - 2 hours 30 minutes

Arrival Time - 0130Z on 2/3/18


EST 8:30pm
CST 7:30pm
MST 6:30pm
PST 5:30pm

–>Flight time estimated-Diversion to KDSM if necessary-Check NOTAM for possible diversions <–

V1-135 / V2-150 / VR-140
Flight Level - FL400

How it's Done (Climb)

Flaps set to °10 for takeoff / Stay below 95% N1
-Takeoff under 215KIAS until FL030 - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL100 from 230KIAS - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL180 from cruise speed M.82 (310KIAS until cross over altitude) - 3000fpm
-Climb to FL230 from cruise speed - 2700fpm
-Climb to FL270 from cruise speed - 2300fpm
-Climb to FL350 from cruise speed - 1800fpm
-Climb to FL400 from cruise speed - 1300fpm

How it's Done (Descent)

Begin descent 140NM out of (KMSP)
-2000fpm until at FL180
-1300fpm until at FL100 / Slow down at FL140
-900fpm until you intercept ILS

Departure - (General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport) / (KBOS) or (Philadelphia International Airport) / (KPHL)

Arrival - (Minneapolis-St Paul International) / (KMSP)

Aircraft - (Boeing 787-8) (Delta Livery)


Total Fuel ( - 43618lbs / 19784kgs )

Passengers - 25358lbs. / 11584kgs.
-150 Souls

Cargo - ~ 5000lbs. / ~ 2267kgs.

ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight) - 300,340lbs / 136,232kgs


Total Fuel ( - 41042lbs / 18616kgs )

Passengers - 25358lbs. / 11584kgs.
-150 Souls

Cargo - ~ 5000lbs. / ~ 2267kgs.

ZFW (Zero Fuel Weight) - 300,340lbs / 136,232kgs

NOTAM: KBOS-KMSP // KPHL-KMSP // M.82 at cruise alt. // expect possible minor turbulence // FPLs made by @xsev (KPHL) and @mwe2187 (KBOS) and is to be copied at KBOS or KPHL after spawning in // ATC will be provided by DLATC, please follow ALL ATC instructions

For more information check below

KBOS charts - KBOS information
KPHL charts - KPHL information
KMSP charts - KMSP information

Current gate assignments:
Spots (request a spot):


Gate D1: @xsev KPHL Group Leader
Gate D4: @kyle.r24
Gate D5: @Jmacd20
Gate D7: @twocflyer
Gate D8: @TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate D12;: @ZZ9
Gate D13 @NL-Maxis
Gate D16: @Michael_McMurray
Gate C20: @Sherbert342
Gate C21: @RIFE-Mike
Gate C24: @con
Gate C25: @horizonmaster03
Gate C28: @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly
Gate C29: @William_Armstrong
Gate C30: @Mjv0309
Gate B01: @iflylo
Gate B05: @John_Ryan
Gate B09: @MarkAviation
Gate B13: @Johnelo86


Gate E1: @mwe2187 KBOS Group Leader
Gate E4: @Zach_Hazen
Gate E5: @anthonyphilemon
Gate E6: @dylanie
Gate E7: @pilot_urp
Gate E8: @LennyD
Gate E9: @Abbasbeloved
Gate E10: @747Dreamer
Gate E11: @anon2063420
Gate E12: @NationofAviation
Gate A13: @Niklas3
Gate A16: @GaplessHiding
Gate C28: @Bigballin2u
Gate C29: @anon34936691
Gate C30:

We did give all DLVA pilots early access to the event, but more gates will be added if necessary so don’t worry!

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What were using:
SimBrief Briefing: KPHL-KMSP | SimBrief Briefing: KBOS-KMSP |
| KBOS charts | KBOS Information | KPHL charts | KPHL information | KMSP Charts | KMSP information | ZULU time chart | Airnav | FlightAware | Delta Virtual


Looking forward to it @kylen15! Should be another great one


I’ll take a gate at KBOS

Sign me up for KBOS looking forward to this event

I’d like a gate at Philly please.

See you guys there! @Pilot_Dick_Dastardly @anon2063420 @747Dreamer

I’ll take a gate at KBOS please. Cheers :)

Sure thing, see you there

Can I take a gate at Philly!

You can? i didnt know that
See you there!

Whoops, meant can I…

No worries haha I’ve already signed you up just having fun

I dont know can you?

Hey can i get a gate please

I’ll take a gate at KPHL please. Thanks!

I’ll be there please add me

I will tentatively be there. Request gate in PHL.

Could I please get a gate in boston

Let’s fill the gates up, it will be an awesome experience. Plus you’ll get to fly with the best VA on infinite flight. I can’t wait to fly with my fellow Delta VA pilots and others who join us.


Sure, you want KBOS or KPHL?

Where would you like the depart from? KBOS or KPHL