[ARRIVED] Burlington, VT fly out (RWA Routes) @KBTV - 152330ZDEC18

May I take BTV Cargo 2 to KIND?

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Welcome back! Thanks for joining!

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No problem! Never flown to BTV before so i’m looking forward to this event.

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I’ll take gate 8A

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You’re now in! Thanks for joining the event :)

Last call for gates! Event is now in two hours!

Is it possible to switch my aircraft to a CRJ-900? That is what Delta operates on BTV-ATL.

I thought they only operated mainline to BTV? Sure, I’ll switch it for you :)

Edit: Are you sure you don’t want to fly the 737?

Wheres everybody at? My FPL is set up already and no one is here lol

Event is at 6:30pm, so in like half an hour or so

2330 Zulu correct?

yes, 2330Z is correct, or it’s supposed to be correct.

It’s 23:09 Zulu currently

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15 Minutes to go! This is the final call for gates! Any gates not reserved will be closed.

Those who have joined the event will spawn in 5 minutes prior to Departure!

I’ll take gate 11 delta CRJ700 to KLGA

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Thanks for joining the event! You can now spawn in :)

Three Commercial gates Available! Five more minutes to claim a gate!

Event now in progress! You can watch all the action on LiveFlight here

My home town! Great ATC!

Thanks everyone!

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It was awesome seeing BTV mostly filled! I love giving small airports a go for events to see them filled :)


Here are my pictures from today’s event!
United Airlines
American Eagle and a Delta Connection RJ In the background
FedEx Express MD-11F
All traffic from BTV
Arrival into EWR with a Southwest 737-800S overhead parallel approach
Arrived at gate

Thank you everyone who has joined today’s event! It was a success! Special thanks to @Rishon_R for Controlling the ground and airspace professionally!