[ARRIVED] Burlington, VT fly out (RWA Routes) @KBTV - 152330ZDEC18

December 15, 2018 11:30 PM

Server: Training Server 1

Airport: KBTV

Time: 2330Z

6:30pm EST
5:30pm CST
4:30pm MST
3:30pm PST

NOTAM: Please Spawn in using the appropriate Aircraft, and follow all ATC instructions if ATC is available during event

Air Traffic Control

Here you can join if you decide to control the airspace

Controller Frequency
@Rishon_R BTV Ground
@Rishon_R BTV Tower

Source: http://www.engelberth.com/portfolio/burlington-international-airport-terminal-expansions-parking-structure/

Welcome to another flyout event!

After some time, I have decided to come back and do another Flyout Event from the BTV Airport, which the last one was unfortunately cancelled.
This time around, we will utilize only the Terminal. Those wanting to fly GA to different places can request custom GA spots and they’ll be put down!


Here the Gates will be displayed. Choose one and you’ll be put in!

Pilot Airline Gate Aircraft Destination
CLOSED Porter Airlines 1 Q400 CYTZ
CLOSED United Airlines 3 CRJ700 KIAD
@Edward_Fish United Airlines 5 B737-900S KORD
@Daniel_Cerritos United Airlines 6 B737-700S KEWR
@Kyle0323 American Airlines 7 CRJ900 KCLT
@C_hawk American Airlines 8A CRJ200 KDCA
CLOSED American Airlines 8 CRJ200 KPHL
@shotkb Delta Airlines 11 CRJ700 KLGA
@Luke_Sta Delta Airlines 13 CRJ900 KDTW
@Aceorbit Delta Airlines 14 B737-900S KATL
@Hinata jetBlue 15 E190 KJFK


Pilot Airline Gate Aircraft Destination
@cbrooks531 [FDX7899] FedEx Express KBTV Cargo 1 MD-11F KMEM
@Ashton_Liberty FedEx Express KBTV Cargo 2 MD-11F KIND
CLOSED FedEx Feeder KBTV Cargo 3 C208 KSYR
CLOSED FedEx Feeder KBTV Cargo 4 C208 KPWM
CLOSED Wiggins Airways (UPS)** KBTV Cargo 5 C208 KMHT
CLOSED Wiggins Airways (UPS)** KBTV Cargo 6 C208 KRUT
CLOSED Wiggins Airways (UPS)** KBTV Cargo 7 C208 KBGR
**Wiggins Airways for UPS must spawn in with a GENERIC C208.

General Aviation

If you want to fly GA, please comment below your spot and destination and I will add it to the Event!

I hope to see Burlington Filled up with lots of people


I will try to make it. Delta CRJ9 to Detroit please.

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Thanks for joining dude!

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Sign me up
Gate - Cargo 1
Callsign - FedEx 7899
Also, the aircraft is a 757 irl so if I can fly that it would be great.

I know it’s a 757, but they don’t have a 757 in FedEx livery. Generic has windows, which makes it look weird to have it at a Cargo gate.

I have flown here in real life with Delta from Atlanta! It was last summer, on a 717-200. The airport is really nice and cozy and has a log cabin feel to it. Won’t be able to make the event sadly, or I would have taken the 739 flight.

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Indeed it is! Did pattern work with a c172 float there

I can be ground and tower

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May I please have this gate?

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Thanks for joining!

Can I take Gte 15 for JetBlue but with E190?
They only operate E190s to KBTV so plz;)

Okay, thought I’d include a more modern plane, but sure :)
@Hinata you’re in! Thanks for joining

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I’m glad the time works for me cuz all other events are like 3 in the morning lol

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I would love to take gate 5!

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You’re in! Thanks for joining!

Can I take Gate 7 CRJ900 to KCLT? Thanks!

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Thanks for joining!

We still have plenty of gates open! Claim your spot today!

Don’t know if I will be able to come so I won’t sign up but I really wish I could. As one of the 12 people who live in Vermont this is pretty rare…

We still have plenty of gates open! Event is tonight!