[Arrived!] British Airways Virtual Presents: "Fifty Years of the Queen!" @ EGLL - 091530ZFEB19

If you were looking carefully at our thread, you’d notice that a lot of ASVA pilots are interested in attending this event.

This is because with our partnership with ASVA, each Saturday we share a BAVA route with ASVA, and vice versa. This week, they decided they’d join us in celebrating the B747, and have EGLL - KJFK as their featured route!

You can find ASVA’s official Infinite Flight Community Thread here.

If you’re interested in joining us on what is promising to be another amazing event, you can sign up below!

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

Email | Infinite Flight Community | Website


I can join! BAVA342. FL380 is rather high even without passengers or cargo, maybe some steps…

May I recommend switching to T8 because BA just announced their change.

“British Airways has announced it will move from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport in 2022.”

I think that’s a bit premature, don’t you?




Yeah. Why not get used to it lol!

@Ilkka_L I have assigned you a gate:) In terms of step climbing, yes it would be ideal and realistic, however it is too hard to coordinate with a large group of pilots, especially if some don’t have access to IFA and/or leave their device and don’t have access to it during the flight. This is why we just have a set cruise altitude. By all means feel free to step climb up to FL380 if you would like though! -MB

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I’ll take a gate BAVA-120

BAVA 127 I will take one !

FL380 is perfectly normal

You have to remember we’re going over an ocean aswell as we will have a headwind for a bit

It will be N1 105%, with 60% load, compared to normal N1 90%. At least in IF.

At higher altitudes the engines require less power because the air is less dense

@James_Harvey @PrzemekGancarz sorry for the slow reply but have assigned you both a gate! Enjoy the flight! -MB

We’ll see if I can make it, it is at 7:30 in the morning for me… if I can’t, I’ll try to intercept you guys when all of you get to KJFK

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I want to join this event if it possible - Callsign: BAVA007

I’ll join with gate 554 if possible! Callsign BAVA747 :)

@samernofal @Spencer_Clark

We apologise we didn’t get back to you sooner. We have now departed however only just so if you still want to come spawn in at Heathrow and catch up.

Apologies once again.

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We’re On Our Way!

Line of B747s at EGLL during our departure, by @ThomasR


Pilots making landfall over America for the first time!


British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

Email | Infinite Flight Community | Website


https://youtu.be/Q1VHdcCI8wA Here’s the time lapse I took of the event


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