[Arrived] British Airways City Flyer London City Fly Out | @ EGLC - 221000ZJUN18

Yes… i’m 30 minutes away from landing at st catherine…

It’s supposed to start at 1000Z

Why so early it’s currently 9:42 Zulu Time.

It’s not even 1000z

I have no idea… @United-Express told us that 40 minutes away from the event…

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Come on guys u should follow the time otherwise why is it mentioned.

@indraniel I Just suggest to PM @United-Express for more info on the matter.

From next time @United-Express please follow the time as mentioned in the event ,
Otherwise what’s the point of mentioning it. Nor would I have signed up for the event , now it’s worthless since everyone’s departed.

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Ik The Event Was At 1:00PM Romanian Time…


I agree with u my local time the event was supposed to take place 13:00 in the afternoon.

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Thanks for the event… I have landed in st catherine safely…

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Sorry I got very confused, your right I said it was 1000Z but I’m on UK time which is usually Zulu time but In the summer it’s not. In my next event (Bristol Airport Fly Out) I’ll try to be more prepared

Nice I landed at Manchester along with another A319

You should do a Cardiff fly out! :)

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