[Arrived] British Airways City Flyer London City Fly Out | @ EGLC - 221000ZJUN18

I’ll spawn in 10 minutes guys…

I just love flying in the UK! Thanks for the perfect location. So line me up with a gate!

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You can spawn now…

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Ok, I am just landing at EGCC. I will be with you in about 5 mins.

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@Gliding_Central what aircraft and final destination

I’m gonna spawn in 5 minutes

FlyBe Q400-8

It is only BA City Flyer aircraft

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Tell me when you guys spawn… i already spawn with my fpl ready…

I’m going spawn in 3 minutes

I’m going to spawn in see you there

Where’s the rest pf you guys.?

I’m there! Departing soon

I will be ATC if @Gaby_Burnei doesn’t do it.

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late joiner if that’s ok, will be Flyer 112, stand 9 seems not to be taken so i’ll use that, just to EGCC for me

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well done @Gliding_Central for the control!

No need for the apology, there are always idiots sadly on TS and I didn’t mind waiting - fortunately he/she eventually took the hint and went for 27 instead :)

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I agree with you @ATK@Gliding_Central did an amazing job at controlling…


@ATK and @david_hartono_S , I am glad that you liked my service today at EGLC. I thought to repeat the command was a great idea with the people who cause me a bit of a dylema: Due to the fact, the 'Please follow instructions command is not there on TS1. If you would like me to control any event do give me a PM.

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Wait did the event start already.

@indraniel Yes, it has already started and on the way!