[ARRIVED] Breathe Life Into KSJC With Southwest Airlines @ KSJC - 031905ZMAR18

Sure, spawn at gate 20

with a Southwest callsign and quickly copy my flight plan when you spawn

i wish i could join but i have 196 violations and 176 landings sigh :(

Darn, maybe I should do my next fill up KSJC event on the Training Server so more people can join

ok i the event still going on???

It is still going on by we are already out of California and close to KPDX

why can’t it be for training server

I am trying to keep it professional.

There will be times when it will be on the training server, but not this time. Also, expert ATC schedule says that expert and professional ATC will be in the continental United States during the weekends.

i applied for swa and i cant join due to my violation ugh why!!!

Because you got violations, but now this is getting off-topic, if you want I could put you in the event chat

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Thanks to @KSJCRampAgent for controlling KSJC, a really underserved airport.


Also thanks to @Krunchy_Toast and @Artem_Frolov for attending this small group flight with me.