{Arrived at FAOR} South African Virtual Airways Anniversary Flight @FACT - 171900ZOCT18

Server: Expert

Airport: FACT to FAOR

Time: 1900Z/2100SAST

*Good day fellow pilots.
We at SAVA are celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

We’d like to invite all pilots to join us with our celebration flight from Cape Town (FACT) to the operating hub Johannesburg (FAOR). With so many other airlines flying from FAOR its the perfect opportunity to fly from FAOR to your home town or your VA’s hub after we’ve landed.

It’s been a tough year for the VA. Most VA’s don’t survive the first year in IF but we have. What makes us even more special is that we are the only African VA in the entire Infinite Flight world.

Come and celebrate our anniversary with us as we take Africa to the world and bring the world to Africa!

Take off from FACT is at 1900z/2100sast
Please spawn in 15min before departure for photoshoots.

Flight profile
Departure from FACT will be straight out of the ILS cone. Please wait for the aircraft ahead of you to be off the runway and in the air before announcing take off and entering the runway. This will create a space of 5-8nm on departure. We will then activate NAV and join the flight plan.
VS 2000 below FL120 at 240kts
VS 1800 till FL280 at 280kts
VS 1500 till cruise at FL370 at M0.80(300kts)
Please note the Dash8 will fly at FL210 at 250kts

Cruise altitude is at FL370

Decent profile will be dependent on the pilot themselves as we all aim to display professionalism and perfection in our various aircraft types.

Flight plan:

Aircraft to be used:
Dash8 (SAA)
CRJ-200 (SAA)
CRJ-700 (SAA)
A346(SAA Livery)

Landing at FAOR is expected to be approximately 1h40m to 2hours flight time dependent on the aircraft type. Runways in use will be announced closer to the time due to lack of a weather forceast but both runways will be in use for landing at FAOR. Please ensure we use unicom correctly and that we maintain a 5-8nm seperation distance on final approach to FAOR.

We hope that you will enjoy flying with us as we take to the skies. The time in IF for the flight must be set to 16:00 local time for a beautiful sunset approach to FAOR.

Please see pictures posted and request a gate accordingly.

Special Notam
All pilots belonging to South African Virtual Airways will qualify for 5x flight time when participating.

Flight and Events Manager

Heavy Gates:
A03 -
A04 - @BlueAcidball (742)
A05 - @Emmanuel_Nyoni (742)
A06 - @Owain_G (A346)
A07 -

B17 -
B20 -
B23 -
B26 -

Regional Gates:
A08 - @Anthony_Ernest_Gwill (CRJ-200)
A09 - @Springbok777 (CRJ-700)
A10 - @Emmanuel_Mgilane (Dash8)
A11 -
A12 -
A13 -
A14 -
A15 -
A16 -
A17 -

Extra GATES (R- Regional/ H- Heavy):
B01(R) -
B02(H) -
B03(R) -
B04(R) -
B05(H) -
B06(R) -
B07(R) -
B08(H) -
B09(R) -
B10(R) -
B11(H) -
B12(R) -
B13(R) -
B14(H) -
B15(R) -
If a Heavy Gate is requested above the 2 regional gates on either side of the Heavy Gate will be removed.


Just a reminder,please also write the airport name (FACT) in the title,I edited it for you.


Thank you for the correction.
That one slipped passed me.


Could I get a A346 gate please? @Springbok777

Done sir.
Gate A06 for you.

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7 days before the event. Its going to be awesome!

May get a gate for CRJ -200 please @Anthony_Ernest_Gwill

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I’ll add you immediately.
Thanks for joining.
A08 for you!

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Thanks mate, can’t wait

6 days left and loads of gates still available.
Flight time will be about 1h40min in a jet aircraft and 2hrs in the prop(Dash8)

Please reserve a gate for me, will use the South African Airways Boeing 747-200.

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Gate A05 for you sir.
Thank you for coming.

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Thank you so much

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Gate for me as well please Sir, I’ll be on the A346

Gate A07 for you sir @Emmanuel_Mgilane. I changed my gate and aircraft to add more diversity to the fleet.

Thank you for joining!

Maybe add the Dash 8 for me, I haven’t flown this bird in a while,

May I get a 742 gate please?

I’ll change your gate and aircraft sir.
Please note that you will have to take off first
Gate A10 for you sir!

Gate A04 for you sir.
Thank you for joining!

You are welcome!

@Springbok777 cool Tks