(Arrived) Announcing the partnership of El Al and AirBaltic Virtual! @ LLBG - 262400ZMAR18

Server: Training

Region: Israel/Europe

Airport: LLBG

Time: 2400Z (Eastern Time: March 25, 2018 (Sunday) @ 8:00 PM)

Route: LLBG - LEBL ( 4 Hours & 15 Minutes)

Departure Runway: 26

Arrival Runway: 02

NOTAM: El Al and AirBtic Virtual are glad to announce our partnership! For this event we will be departing Tel Aviv Intl, Arriving into Barcelona Intl. From now on, our services will be “code-shared”, and pilots will be able to choose between El Al and AirBaltic routes. This creates a new opportunity for new routes to be added to the two airlines, increasing El Al’s routes through Latvia, and increasing AirBaltic’s routes through Tel Aviv. In honour of our partnership, we will be hosting a new event in which we fly from Tel Aviv to Barcelona departing from El Al’s major hubs. We hope to see you all there, as this event will be open to everyone in IF.

Event information

For the participants in El Al Virtual will operate an El Al aircraft, the 737-800 will be the aircraft of choice. For the participants in AirBaltic Virtual, the Dash-8 Q400 will be the aircraft of choice. I, @Davidberman , as the CEO and representative of El Al Virtual will be operating an El Al 737-800. @Artem_Frolov , as the representative and CEO of AirBaltic Virtual, will be operating the AirBaltic Dash-8 Q400.

Speed after take off 220 Kts. Cruising speed should be set at around 0.8 M.

Pilots will be expected to fly at around 30,000 feet to avoid collisions with the Ural and Caucasus mountain ranges

Flight Plan:


Callsign options:
El Al Virtual members please use your designated callsign. I will be using El Al 1
AirBaltic Virtual members please use your designated callsign
Those who are not in either VA, but wish to participate, use either an El Al or AirBaltic callsign with a number greater than 200.

The flight will be approximately 1655 nautical miles, and last approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes

(If you would like a gate, please ask in the comments below)

El Al Gates

Terminal 3 Gate C2: @mo_hecht
Terminal 3 Gate C3: @Hockeyman_02
Terminal 3 Gate C4: @Adam_Ravid
Terminal 3 Gate C5: @Noam_Bechhofer
Terminal 3 Gate C6: @Davidberman

AirBaltic Gates:

Terminal 3 Gate B2:
Terminal 3 Gate B3:
Terminal 3 Gate B4:
Terminal 3 Gate B5:
Terminal 3 Gate B6: @Artem_Frolov

Would you like to join one of these amazing VA’s?

If you would like to join El Al Virtual, please either PM me (@Davidberman ), email us at managerelalairlines@gmail.com, or visit our site at elalairlines.wixsite.com/elal
If you would like to join AirBaltic Virtual, please either PM @Artem_Frolov , or visit AirBaltic’s Virtual’s website at www.airbalticva.weebly.com

Both VA’s are IFVARB approved and can be found on the Virtual Airline Database

Also a special thanks to @Artem_Frolov for making this event/partnership happen!

See you all in Barcelona!


I’m in, callsign El Al 613

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מקווה מאוד להשתתף !!!

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Would have loved to come but will be at school as it is 8am Monday for me!!

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נהדר, לראות אותך שם!


Ohh, maybe next event! :)

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Hey I know this isn’t the place to say it but @Davidberman could you pls check Ur DM. I sent you something we were talking about earlier!

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Less than 2 hours to go

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Yalla chabibi!!! Let’s roll

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Hahahaha very soon!!!

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