Arrived and Done 05MAR Alaska A320 Send Off @KSEA

Hello there!

Story time.
Virgin America’s merger into Alaska Air in 2018 saw Alaska Air end up with a fleet of A319s, A320s and A321neos. Alaska Air was no longer “proudly all Boeing” as they like to stencil on their 737s. That also began the thoughts of when Alaska would phase out the Airbus fleet. Initially estimates were well into the decade, especially for the A321neo, but times have changed.

The massive fall in passenger demand, thanks to the well-known pandemic, saw the demise of Alaska’A319s. The A320s and A321s soldiered on. However, the timer is getting close to 0 for them. By the time this event happens the A320 of theirs would have been retired.

Even though the A321s will keep going, I’m including them in this event as they don’t have the Alaska livery because we don’t have the NEO variant.

Story time done


The Route

We will be flying Seattle to Los Angeles. As that’s the last route I’ve seen an A320 of theirs do that isn’t to the desert.

FPL will be made on the day of the event, as any flight plan now would probably be out dated due to thing like weather


Where: Seattle (KSEA)

Server: Expert

When: March 5 at 1PM PST


Alaska A320 (I’ll also accept signs ups requesting the Virgin America livery),

and if you’d like, there’s an Generic A321 (as A321neo substitute). Specify if you want it or not though, by default I’ll list you with an A320

If you don’t want to pick just ask for a gate and i’ll give you an A320



N1 - Alaska A320 @UALPilot

N2 - Alaska A320 @Real-ak907

N3 - Alaska A320 @EastTexasAviationYT

N4 - Alaska A320 @Dodsky


N6 - Alaska A320 @Ryan_Carney

N7 - Alaska A320 @Butter575

N8 - Alaska A320 @Flyin.Hawaiian

N9 - Alaska A320 @United403

N10 - Alaska A320 @AIDAN101

N11 - Virgin A320 @Pingu

N12 - Alaska A320 @Justin_Betances

N13 - Virgin A320 @plane_guy12

N14 - Alaska A320 @Andy_Garrett

N15 - Alaska A320 @Jarrel_Solomon

N16 - Alaska A320 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

N17 - Alaska A320 @samuelhart20081

N18 - Alaska A320 @Avgeek1

N19 - Alaska A320 @Joel_Albert

N20 - Alaska A320 @AxolotlsMaster

more gates can be added as needed


ATC Spots:



Alaska Airlines Virtual

Alaska Virtual’s Thread


-I am not responsible for any violations and whatnot that you get
-I ask you act professionally at this event
-If ATC isn’t secured and/or doesn’t make it on event day, then use Unicom appropriately
-Photo credits goes to @AIDAN101 (me)

~If there’s any formatting issues or something, do let me know as I’d like to fix them~


Please and thank you

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N9 is all yours with an Alaska A320

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gimme now 🌝


@AIDAN101 are you accepting sponsors?

I will not not take this gate

I think he’ll demand you do 😅

which one did you quote? All i see is “VACANT” and then it just takes me up to the main post

I cannot tell if this is some form of reverse psychology or something, but considering you quoted a gate and replied seems to lead me to believe you want it so I’ll get you down

edit: and now that one like and no further comment seems to confirm my thoughts

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oh my bad, the one after @United403 ASA A320

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alrighty I got you in for 1 gate N8!

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… I don’t think I’m allowed to say what I’m about say

Can I have this please

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Yes, yes you can!

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I will take this one please


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N4 please. Alaska A320. Has to be ;/

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@XXTHUNDERDOMEXX @Dodsky I have got you both down for your requested slots!


This one please

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1 gate N1 coming right up!

A few days behind schedule on posting this but the A320s are now out of Alaska’s fleet. Only the 321neos remain

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