[Arrived] Air France-KLM presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 18: Melbourne I @ YPPH - 261700ZMAY18

Air France - KLM Virtual Group Presents

Destination Saturdays Vol 18: Melbourne

YPPH - 261700ZMAY18


Event Description

We started in the City of Lights. Then off to the Netherlands, the home of Big Ben, and the land of the Irish. Our hop down to the Portuguese coastal city of Lisbon was followed by harrowing approaches in Madeira and Gibraltar. We visited the international “jet set” in Monaco, the mountainous town Innsbruck, the Italian isle of Sicily, and the land of the pharaohs, all before making our way across the Middle East on our way to the Taj Mahal. From Asia’s “Sin City,” and the world-class Singapore, we made our way Down Under, across the Indian Ocean to Perth. And now, our journey continues! The 18th leg of Destination Saturdays finds us on the Western Coast of Australia, primed to begin our circuit across Oceania. Next step: Melbourne! Jet off with us as we fly the skies above the Australian Outback, and enjoy a stunning approach into the coastal capital of the south-eastern state of Victoria.

Air France – KLM Virtual cordially invites you to experience Destination Saturdays, our signature event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Some describe it as career mode for the world traveller at heart, while others say we’ve set out to finish what Amelia Earhart started. However, you look at it, Destination Saturdays is sure to deliver fun times flying with friends (old and new). Be part of the journey every other week as we pick up where we last left off!


Event Details

Perth [YPPH] to Melbourne [YMML]

Server: Training Server 1 [TS1]
Region: Australia
Date: 26th of May 2018
Start Time: 17:00z
Air Time: 3h 30m
End Time: 20:35z


Flight Details

Air Frame: DC-10 [Air France] or MD-11 [KLM Livery] preferred, not mandatory
Distance: 1573 NM
Block Fuel: 16,534 KG
Departure Runway: 21*
Arrival Runway: 34*

*YPPH and YMML are likely to be under AF-KLM ATC control. Departure/arrival runways are subject to change based on winds and at the controller’s discretion. Always follow ATC instruction.

Climb Profile:
3300 ft. /min @ 250 kts until FL110
2600 ft. /min @ 310 kts until FL259
1900 ft. /min @ 310 kts until FL332
1500 ft. /min @ M 0.84 until FL370

FL370 @ M0.84

Descent Profile:
Begin Descent 163NM from Destination
-1800ft. /min @ M .84 until FL290
-1800ft. /min @ 310 kts until FL120
-500ft. / min @ 250 kts until FL040




Waypoint Coordinates

YPPH PH BROOK 3232S/11704E BURGU 3250S/11916E 3212S/12148E 3216S/12530E IVPEM ISLAV 3408S/13520E WINCH RIKAB AD 3515S/13931E HINDY DANKS APPLE 3656S/14423E ARBEY 3720S/14447E 3728S/14448E ML YMML



  • Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted above upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.
  • FPL will be available from me [Air France 005].
  • AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. Non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.
  • Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at ALL TIMES. This includes showing courtesy to fellow airmen during taxi, maintaining proper spacing in flight, and following ATC instruction. Failure to do so may result in pilot’s removal from the VA.

Crew Resources

YPPH Charts: https://www.crc.id.au/xplane/charts/DAPS-2018-Mar-01/Perth%20(YPPH).pdf

YMML Charts: http://www.fly-sea.com/charts/YMML.pdf

About Melbourne Airport: Melbourne Airport - Wikipedia



Gate 143: @TK_ARMY
Gate 144: @FDemon
Gate 145: @Omar_DeWindt
Gate 146: @Jet
Gate 147: @Pranay
Gate 148: @KingWings
Gate 149: WDouglas AF 211
Gate 150: @Luke_Around
Gate 151: John_P KLM 130
Gate 152: Captain Daniel KLM 109
Gate 153: @Leonard_Paulson
Gate 154: @Marek
Gate 155: @Galaxy_Gamers
Gate 156: @Kyle.r24

Gate 201: @Sjoerd
Gate 202: @pablo0109
Gate 203:
Gate 204:
Gate 205:
Gate 206:

[More Gates Available]

Air Traffic Control

YPPH Ground: @Ryan_Vidad
YPPH Tower: @Ryan_Vidad

YMML Tower: @Oli_H
YMML Ground: @Oli_H


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Cannot wait to see the group in the sky. Last event I attended had 50+ pilots. Great Virtual Organization. Best of luck on the event!

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I can do it you can put me in gate 143:

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This looks great! I’ll take ATC at YMML

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I would love to join this!

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@TK_ARMY @FDemon you are confirmed! I will assign your gates shortly.

@Ryan_Vidad thanks so much for the compliment. We look forward to having you as YPPH ATC for this event.

@Oli_H perfect! Thanks for volunteering your time. We will see you next Saturday!


Sign me up AF-klm 219

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Hey @Omar_DeWindt Looks really exciting. I’m in for this

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Also excited for this @Omar_DeWindt! I’m in (KLM 179 MD-11) (Gate 146 Please!)

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@Jet @Pranay @KingWings great to have you on board for this journey! Your gates are confirmed. We’ll see you next Saturday!

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I would like a gate please DLVA702

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Yeah @Omar_DeWindt cant wait… surprised to see im added hahah 😂😂😅

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Just wanted to see if you received my gate request. Ty in advance

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@Leonard_Paulson hi! Yes, you are confirmed. Apologies for the delay in response. I was tied up for the last day or two. Looking forward to flying with you next week. Your gate assignment will be updated above shortly. Cheers!

@Luke_Around haha, I was going off of your reaction to the AF KLM Slack channel announcement. Looking forward to seeing you next week, bud!

Thank you looking forward

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Can you put me to gate 155?

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Hello Omar,

Anyway I can push a little early so I can get down early? Would this cause a problem? I’m at work during the event and would like to be down earlier enough be home for the wife not to late? If not I will fly as long as possible and exit when time because an issue. Just asking Omar, not trying to disrupt the great event

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I’ll take 154 callsign is TVA20 In the M.D.11 KLM

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@Leonard_Paulson not a problem. What time would you prefer to push back? I will ask ATC to spawn early to accommodate. I’m usually in early anyway for pre-flight prep so hopefully I will see you on the ground!