[Arrived] Air France-KLM & Copa Virtual present Destination Saturdays, Vol. 37: San Jose | @ MGGT -- 061600ZJUL19

Air France-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) & Copa Virtual (CPVA) present


Event Description:

Destination Saturdays is back for the second half of Season 4: The Americas. Join us on Saturday, July 6 as we continue exploring the most challenging approaches and beautiful locales in the Western Hemisphere. Departing from Guatemala City, we’ll resume the round-the-world adventure that began back in the Summer of 2017. From La Aurora International Airport we head southward to San Jose, Costa Rica.

The following week (and over the course of the ensuing months), we’ll journey deeper into Central and South America en route to Rio de Janeiro, before making our way back up north towards our final destination for Season 4: the Big Apple’s La Guardia.


Server: Expert
Date: Saturday, July 6
Time: 1600Z
Flight Time: 1hr 16min
Aircraft: B738
Livery: Copa Airlines

Reserving a gate is easy an open to all members of the IFC and VA community. To reserve a gate, reply in the comments section below or click here.

Destination Saturdays, Vol. 37: San Jose

Pilot Gate Pushback Aircraft Livery
@Omar_DeWindt AFKLM001 Gate 7 1600Z B738 Copa
AFKLM184 Gate 8 1602Z B738 Copa
AFKLM015 Gate 9 1604Z B738 Copa
AFKLM157 Gate 10 1606Z B738 Copa
AFKLM014 Gate 11 1608Z B738 Copa
AFKLM114 Gate 12 1610Z B738 Copa
CPV0002 Gate 13 1612Z B738 Copa
CPVA0004 Gate 14 1614Z B738 Copa
David Beaullieu Gate 15 1616Z B738 Copa
COVA1233 Gate 16 1618Z B738 Copa
GAVA1 Gate 17 1620Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 18 1622Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 3B 1624Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 4 1626Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 5B 1628Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 6 1630Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 7 1632Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 8 1634Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 9 1636Z B738 Copa
Available Gate 10 1638Z B738 Copa

• Please spawn into your assigned gate at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pushback time.
• Flight plan can be copied from AFKLM001
• Additional flight details, charts, and resources will be provided at least 1hr prior to departure.
• Always follow IFATC instruction and show courtesy to fellow pilots. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from future events and/or suspension from the VA (for AFKLMVA pilots)

One Quest. Multiple Stops.

Back in July 2017, we set sail from the City of Lights on a tour around the globe with one goal: To finish what Amelia Earhart Started. Two years, 30 legs, and 10,000+ miles later, we’ve traversed some of the world’s most iconic destinations, beautiful landscapes, and challenging approaches from Europe to the Middle East, Oceania, then the Far East.

The fourth season of our flagship event series will take Infinite Flight’s most adventurous airmen across the Americas to 17 of dangerous and iconic airports. From the snow-capped mountains of Juneau, Alaska down to Rio de Janeiro, and then back up to the Big Apple, harrowing approaches and beautiful views await along the way!

Destination Saturdays, Season 4 Schedule:

We are Air France-KLM VA

Established in 2017, Air France-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) is among the elite virtual airlines operating inside the Infinite Flight mobile flight simulator community. In addition to legacy carriers Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airways , low-cost subsidiaries HOP! and Transavia are part of the AFKLM Virtual portfolio. Cargo service is provided by Air France Cargo and Martinair .

We offer mature aviation enthusiasts a well-organized Virtual Airline platform and a relaxed, friendly culture to ensure that you enjoy the journey.

With 31 planes in our fleet, 319 destinations across the globe, a detailed flight operations system and a flight training academy for new pilots, plus a mix of dynamic events, we specialize in one thing and one thing only: providing the ultimate VA experience.

Air France-KLM Virtual is a proud member of the SkyTeamIF alliance alongside @DeltaVirtual, Aeroflot Virtual, @AlitaliaVirtual, @aeromexicovirtual, @Korean_Air_Virtual, and @Garuda_Indonesia_VA.

Visit our Website


We’re nearly ready to roll! Please spawn to your assigned gate at least 10 mins prior to event start time. Check back to this thread for updated NOTAMs and flight data en route. @here

Event Details:
Server: Expert
Date: Saturday, July 6
Time: 1600z
Flight Time: 1hr 16min
Aircraft: B738
Livery: Copa

• Copy FPL from AFKLM001
• Be courteous to all pilots
• Refer to PUSHBACK TIMES here: https://airtable.com/shrUjMO0G5ZXzivko

Flight Details
Dep. Elevation: 4952
Arr. Elevation: 3028
Planned Runway: 02
Arr. Runway: 07
Aircraft: B737-800
Flight Level: 35,000
Plan Distance: 493 NM
Flight Time: 1:16
Block Fuel: 6,707 kgs
Passenger Count: 182
Cargo Weight: 2,063 kgs

V-Speeds (KIAS):

Climb Profile:
VS 2200 ft./min. at 250 kts. until FL100. 280 kts. until FL350
Cruise speed M 0.78

Descent Profile:
TOD to be announced

Charts: Click here

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