[Arrived] AF-KLM Virtual presents Destination Saturdays, Vol. 30: Tokyo | @ RKSI - 271800ZOCT18

Air France - KLM Virtual Group


Destination Saturdays, Vol. 30: Tokyo

RKSI - 271800ZOCT18


Event Description

Air France–KLM Virtual invites you to join us for the Season 3 finale of Destination Saturdays, our multi-leg, flagship event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe.

For the final leg of our Far East circuit, which visited Guam, Manila, Hong Kong, Guiyang, Shanghai, Beijing and most recently Seoul, we will conclude our journey in the global hot spot Tokyo! Departing from Seoul Incheon Airport on the Korean Penninsula, we head eastward for a short trip to Narita International Airport, one of the the busiest airports in all of Asia. This is the last Destination Saturdays leg of the 2018, however our global tour resumes in January as we begin Season 4: The Americas!


Event Details

*** Seoul [RKSI] to Tokyo [RJAA]***

Server: Expert Server [Global v2]
Region: East Asia
Date: 27th of October 2018
Start Time: 18:00z
Flight Time: 1h 56min
End Time: 20:30z


Flight Details

Air Frame: A319, A320, A321, or B739
SkyTeam Livery: Air France, KLM, or Delta
Block Fuel: 9,210 kg
Passengers: 175
Cargo Weight: 2,521 kg
Departure Runway: 33L
Arrival Runway: 34R

FL351 @ M .79

Climb Profile:
Vr is 144 with Flaps 10
Climb will be 2000fpm under 200kts and then 2500 under 250KTs.
Climb rate will be 2800 until 295kts and then adjust to keep 80% thrust. No more than 80% thrust should be used after take off.
Take off thrust is 86% thrust.

Descent Profile:
TOD is 130nm out with a descent rate of GS3 until FL150
Then decrease descent rate to GS
Once under FL100 increase descent rate to GS*3 again





  • Departure gates will be assigned to all participants upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.
  • Flight details subject to change and will be confirmed 2hrs prior to departure
  • Flight plan will be available from AFKLM001.
  • In lieu of IFATC service, push back order will follow gate assignments in descending order.

Crew Resources

[RSKI Charts]

[RJAA Charts]



AF-KLM Terminal:
Gate 202: @Omar_DeWindt
Gate 202: @anon2063420
Gate 203: @vansh_purohit
Gate 204: @Fl0dS
Gate 205: @Aashish_Mohammed
Gate 206: @Timgra
Gate 207: @John_Ryan1
Gate 208: AFKLM 201 Alex B
Gate 209: @Popizor
Gate 210: @Piet
Gate 211: @Lorenzo_Brosan
Gate 212: @captain_fahmy
Gate 213: Reserved
Gate 214: Reserved

DLVA / SkyTeam Terminal:
Gate 222: @Leonard_Paulson – DLVA702
Gate 223:
Gate 224:
Gate 225:
Gate 226:
Gate 227:

IFC Terminal:
Gate 228:
Gate 229:
Gate 230:
Gate 231:
Gate 232:
Gate 233:


About Air France-KLM Virtual Group

Air France-KLM Virtual Group was named Infinite Flight’s “2017 Best Overall Virtual Airline” by SkyTrax IF Virtual. With 30 planes in its fleet, an expansive route database, and a robust mix of regular events, AFKLM offers pilots a structured virtual airline platform combined with a relaxed, inclusive community culture that appeals to both casual and advanced aviation enthusiasts. AF-KLM Virtual is a proud member of the SkyTeamIF Virtual Alliance alongside Delta Virtual, Alitalia Virtual and Aeroflot Virtual.

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We’re less than 24hr away from take-off! Flight details will be posted at least 2hrs prior to the event. Looking forward to it!

Flight details are now available! Last call for gates. DS getting under way soon. Cheers!

I will probably just tag along and may have to leave in the middle of the flight but I will try to join…

Global Flyer1

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Great! Happy to have you with us.

Can I still join?

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Hy. Give me a gate, thnks.

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@CaptainDyordenand @savavalentin86the event was at 1700Z which was 1pm EDT. The event had finished about 3 hours ago. The title will be updated soon to prevent further confusion. Be sure to request a gate for next week’s Destination Saturdays get together.

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Ok, I wasn’t careful at event time, thnks

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Thanks everyone for your interest. We will be back next Saturday at 1700z for the Destination Saturdays Far East Finale from Seoul To Tokyo. Hope you guys can join us.

Event Details are live for the Season 3 Finale of Destination Saturdays on October 27 at 1800z! For the final leg of our Far East circuit, we will conclude our journey in the global hot spot Tokyo. Reserve your gate by leaving a reply in the comments section!

Go ahead and put me down DLVA702

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@Leonard_Paulson! Great to have you back with us for the finale. Always fun to fly with you, mate

Enjoy it as well.

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Last call for gates! Taking off in 2hr

Wheels up in 1hr. For any last minute RSVPs you are welcome to join and take any available gate above in the event I do not reply right away.

It’s going to be a fun flight!

unique route Omar

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Indeed. It’s SimBrief generated but one of the more interesting ones I’ve seen from them.

Did want up front again

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The event started ?