[Arrived] AF-KLM Virtual presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 16: Singapore I @ VTBS - 281700ZAPR18

Air France - KLM Virtual Group Presents

Destination Saturdays Vol 16: Singapore

VTBS - 281700ZAPR18



Event Description

Jet off with Air France – KLM this week as we kick-off the Oceana/South East Asia Leg of our world tour. Departing from Thailand’s “Sin City of Asia,” we head south on a short hop towards Singapore, a thriving financial center located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and the home of Singapore Changi Airport – one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia.

Air France – KLM Virtual cordially invites you to experience Destination Saturdays, our signature event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Some describe it as career mode for the world traveller at heart, while others say we’ve set out to finish what Amelia Earhart started. However, you look at it, Destination Saturdays is sure to deliver fun times flying with friends (old and new). Be part of the journey every other week as we pick up where we last left off!


Event Details

Bangkok [VTBS] to Singapore [WSSS]

Server: Training Server 1 [TS1]
Region: Southeast Asia
Date: 28th of April 2018
Start Time: 17:00z
Air Time: 2h 15m
End Time: 19:30z


Flight Details

Air Frame: Any
Distance: 888 NM
Block Fuel: 10,030 KG [Based on B737-9]
Departure Runway: 01L*
Arrival Runway: 02L*

*VTBS and WSSS are likely to be under AF-KLM ATC control. Departure/arrival runways are subject to change based on winds and at the controller’s discretion. Always follow ATC instruction.

Climb Profile:
3500 ft. /min @ 250 kts until FL110
2600 ft. /min @ 280 kts until FL259
2000 ft. /min @ 280 kts until FL332
1500 ft. /min @ M 0.78 until FL350

FL350 @ M0.83

Descent Profile:
Begin Descent 144NM from Destination (Waypoint 319N/10327E)
-1100ft. /min @ M .83 until FL120
-1100ft. / min @ 220kts until FL040




Waypoint Coordinates

VTBS EXSON 1347N/10058E 1341N/10106E 1332N/10103E 1319N/10060E 1305N/10041E 1218N/10039E 1029N/10037E 948N/10036E 931N/10035E SUPIN SUWAN KADAX VKB 533N/10234E 323N/10325E 319N/10327E PADLI 254N/10339E BIKTA VMR WSSS



  • Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted above upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.
  • FPL will be available from me [Air France 005].
  • AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. Non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.
  • Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at ALL TIMES. This includes showing courtesy to fellow airmen during taxi, maintaining proper spacing in flight, and following ATC instruction. Failure to do so may result in pilot’s removal from the VA.

Crew Resources

VTBS Charts: http://www.fly-sea.com/charts/VTBS.pdf

WSSS Charts: http://www.fly-sea.com/charts/WSSS.pdf

About ChangiAirport: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Changi_Airport



Remote Apron 505: @Omar_DeWindt
Remote Apron 504: @Luke_Around
Remote Apron 503: @John_Ryan
Remote Apron 502: @DiuiD
Remote Apron 501: Captain Daniel

Gate G05: @rohaim_khedr
Gate G04: @AntoineAFR
Gate G03: @Ozzy
Gate G02: @xSev
Gate G01: @HPNMatt

Gate F02: @Diederick
Gate F04: @Sebastian9915
Gate F06: @Lucas.J
Gate F05: @MathAviation7
Gate F03: @Jet
Gate F01: @AmarKler

Gate E02: @Swiss199
Gate E04: @M_Pragitya_Vazza
Gate E06: @kznawsm
Gate E08: @Leonard_Paulson
Gate E10: @anon8635826

Gate D04: @Altaria55
Gate D05: @theabdulrasheed
Gate D06: @Wang_Wilhelm
Gate D07: @FDemon
Gate D08:

[More Gates Available]

Air Traffic Control

VTBS Ground: @Georges180305
VTBS Tower:

WSSS Tower:
WSSS Ground:


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Sign me up please, Omar! AF136

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wow… nice new layout @Omar_DeWindt haha… add me in… KLM 006… just a little request… can i take the B77W Orange Pride… ^_^ 😀😅

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Yes indeed you may! And @Sam_Jacobs1 deserves the credit for the new layout 🤓. Glad that you like it!


awesome work @Sam_Jacobs1 hahha… looks amazing


Hello, can I please be VTBS Ground. By the way I am a member of the VA.

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Please Assign me Gate

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count me in! i always fall asleep on my flights to Singapore and my phone dies, so this is like my only chance to land there LOL


Hi sign me up please. KLM156 I Will take the AF A320 (I am a member of AFKLM) @Omar_DeWindt

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Hi Guys!
I’d like to have Gate F04 and
Callsign AF102
Thanks ✈️

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I am confirming receipt of all your gate requests. Will be assigning every gates shortly. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

ill try to be there, af/klm170

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I want to participate in the event add me please - Livery KLM

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@Lucas.J @xSev your gates are confirmed. We will see you on Saturday!

Please sign me up! I will fly the KLM B742. Will probably be able to make it although I am not 100% sure. May callsign is KLM104

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Sign me up KLM219 with a 7879 part of the VA

*small chance I can’t make it

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@MathAviation7 @Jet your gates are confirmed. See you on Saturday!

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Seems like a fun event for tomorrow, I’m In at gate E04 and my nickname is KLM 025

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Gate E02 please :) I wish to become apart of this.

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@Swiss199 and @M_Pragitya_Vazza excited to have you both aboard. Your gates are confirmed. We’ll see you on Saturday!