[Arrived] AF-KLM Virtual Anniversary Party | @ LFPG - 031600ZJAN18

Air France-KLM Virtual One Year Anniversary Party | @ LFPG - 031600ZJAN18

Event Description:
AFKLM Virtual is turning one-year-old and we’re bringing the entire fleet together to celebrate. Join the pilots of AFKLM for a special flight from hub to hub featuring 26 airframes and liveries, including Air France, KLM, Transavia and Martinair. The commemorative flight will depart from LFPG, where the AF-KLM story began one year ago. We will travel north to EHAM, home base for KLM pilot corps, bringing both airlines together.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as we celebrate the many highlights of the last 12 months, including:

But the best is yet to come. Here’s to an even better second year of operations!

Event Details:
Server: Training Server
Region: Europe
Date: 3rd of January 2018
Start Time: 1600z
Flight Time: 0hr 49min
End Time: 1730z

Flight Details:
Air Frame: AF-KLM Fleet [One per Pilot]
Block Fuel: 4,750 kg
Dep Rwy: 26R [Air France] + 27L [KLM]
Take-off/Climb: 2200 ft./min @240KIAS
Cruise: FL330 @ M 0.80
TOD: Begin descent 125NM out. -1800 ft./min @ 210KIAS
Arr Rwy: 27
Route: LFPG/26R F330 NURM1B NURMO/F320 UN874 VEKIN UN873 ADUTO/F310 UN873

Waypoint Coordinates:
LFPG N4900.6E00232.9 PG264 N4859.1E00220.8 PG265 N4858.5E00210.6
NURMO N4949.6E00245.3 PERON N4954.8E00250.4 SULEX N5000.0E00255.5
CMB N5013.7E00309.1 VEKIN N5024.3E00316.5 ADUTO N5030.9E00321.7
FERDI N5054.8E00338.2 HSD N5143.4E00351.5 EHAM N5218.5E00445.9

The flight plan waypoint coordinates are noted above. To load the FPL into IF, copy/paste the waypoint coordinates into the search box of your FPL map in the simulator.

Pilots will be split into two groups (Air France + KLM), each led by a group leader. Each group will take-off from a separate runway to ensure a smooth departure. Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted below upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.

Upon take-off and hand-off to LFPG Departure, request “Flight Following to EHAM.”

For AF-KLM VA pilots and non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly which air frame and livery you wish to fly. Gates/aircraft will be assigned on a first-come first serve basis.

Air France Gates:
K53: A318-100 – @Ozzy
K59: A319-100 – @AJH_1994
K65: A320-200 – @Fredypasaud
L71: A380-800 – @capt Saman
K52: B767-300 – @AgusAeromexico
L65: B747-400 – @ilan_Dridi
K70: B777-200ER – @Cpt.TC
K64: B777-200F – @Emil_Svanbring AF-KLM Flight Manager [Air France Group Flight Leader]
K76: B777-300ER [Sky Team Livery] – @Jo_lg_16
K58: B787-10 – @joshair
L59: DC-10 – @onr2ylmz

KLM Gates:
F96: E190 – @Luke_Around
F07: B737-700 – @Nab2914
L39: B737-800 [Transavia Livery] – Nathan Harrison
F13: B737-900 – @John370
K01: B747-200 – @natedog508
K09: B747-400 – @skotshi
K17: B747-400 [KLM 2015 Livery] –
L33: B757-200 [Transavia Livery] – @Azul123
F03: B767-300 – @JHearnden_Jgun47
K26: B777-300ER – @Seanhickey465
K32: B777-300ER [KLM Orange Pride Livery] – @JoelJ
K38: B787-9 – @Wjom90
K44: B787-10 – @Sam_Jacobs1 AF-KLM Deputy President [KLM Group Flight Leader]
K21: MD-11-- @Mambru_Gars AF-KLM Elite XI Pilot Corp
L27: MD-11F [Martinair Cargo Livery] – @Goran12

[No More Gates Available]

Event ATC:
LFPG Ground: Available
LFPG Tower: Available
LFPG Departure: Available
EHAM Approach: Available
EHAM Tower: Availabe
EHAM Ground: Available

Join Air-France KLM:
Be part of IF’s best virtual airline* experience, featuring more planes in our fleet than any other virtual carrier, routes spanning the globe and a variety of public and private events. Visit our official thread for info on the benefits of flying with AF-KLM VA and how to submit an application.

*2017 SkyTrax IF Best Overall Virtual Airline
*2017 SkyTrax IF Virtual 5-Star Airline

On behalf of the AF-KLM staff, thank you to ALL those past and present whom have been a part of the journey.


Sign me up KLM134 I’ll take the 777-300er


I’ll take the Klm 747-200. Sign me up as klm104


I’m member of the VA, I go as KLM 131


@Mambru_Gars for this event you need to select one of the aircraft listed above in the “GATES” section. Let me know which KLM air frame you want based on the available aircraft. Thanks!

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I’ll fly with the a319 Air France livery, I’m AF152.


MD-11 KLM //KLM131 please


Air France A320 Please, AF 150


Klm 777 orange pride, Klm 133


Only allowed those two aircraft

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Then the Klm 737 please

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@The_Geniusman you can fly in the orange pride, that is the whole point of the event, to fly in all the different aircraft, not just two


AF143 request a320 please

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Sign me up for Gate E20 in a Air France A380-800 :)

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I’ll take the Air France A380! AF002. Can’t wat for this 😀

I’m in KLM 167 @Wjom90

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@Wjom90 Be sure to say what aircraft you want to fly in 👍

I’ll take the AF 777-300ER please! AF169.

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B777-200ER Air France Livery please. AF105!

Can’t wait to attend this great event.


[AF101] requesting gate ( DC-10 Air France Livery)