[Arrived] AF-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 14: Mumbai | @ OMDB - 311700ZMAR18

Hey Omar can i take A05?

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@Rajdipta_De sure thing. I’ll make the change now.

I ll take a gate, sign me up thankyou.

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@Hitesh_Shriyan you are confirmed! We will see you at OMDB shortly. Looking forward to flying with you!

Thankyou see you soon

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Sorry my call sigh will be @Airfrance420

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are less than one hour away from Destination Saturdays Vol 14. Mumbai! Please spawn in at least 10min before departure and copy FPL from me (Air France 005). Visibility is low at OMDB, otherwise, we are expecting a smooth ride to VABB. We look forward to flying with you today and continuing our journey across the globe!

Can I still join?
KLM 123
Captain Chris

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@Captain_Chris yes indeed, mate! Gate F20 is yours. See you shortly.

Thanks a lot!!! Christian

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guys… for added realism… once after landing rwy 27, turn right, cross rwy 14 and park up at that terminal… its the international one… the one at the right on landing at rwy 27 is domestic… mostly for narrow bodies… hehe
cheers… have fun
also guys… … pls try to ensure there is minimum of 15nm spacing in flight/cruise so that it would be apt for the controller to make decisions and spacing on arrival…
thanks all


It’s “go time!” If you have an assigned gate or are providing ATC services please spawn in now. Mumbai, here we come!

Can I have a gate for Air France? Thx


@Turkish_Airlines_34 absolutely! Gate F21 is yours my friend. See you soon. Go ahead and spawn.

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Ready for Takeoff. 😍



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Thank you to everyone that attended today’s flight! It was a lot of fun. Great to be in Mumbai! We hope you enjoyed to journey, and we look forward to seeing you next time as our journey continues!

Please share pictures here if you have them. Thanks!



The “Sin City of Asia” is on our horizon as our journey across the globe continues this week. Click here to read more about Destination Saturdays Vol. 15: Bangkok and/or to RSVP.

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