[Arrived] AF-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 12: Cairo | @ LGAV - 031700ZMAR18

Omar I think the speeds are a bit weird. 330 knots is around .86 mach but here it says it should be .82.
And we cant go 320knots under fl100.
And 320knots is faster than .82 mach.

I got the FPL from SimBrief. It called for 320kts during climb (after FL110) and cruise at M 082. I imagine the recommended cruise speed is designed to conserve fuel.

How should we descend until fl030 as 320 knots is to fast?

Ohh, I see what you mean. For descent, we’re going to do 320kts above FL100. 250kts under FL100, of course. I suppose I should have clarified that :-)


Any gates left for the event?

@Hockeyman_02 sorry we are already en route to HECA. We will be doing the next leg (HECA-OMDB) two weeks from now at the same time, in case you want to join.

No worries sounds good

Thank you for the event. It has been the largest turn out I’ve been involved with.


I had to leave once I landed and turned off runway. I’m at work and as a Quality Control Inspector, I was called to a job. Popped back and taxied to everyone. Thanks again. Great Event!!


Wish I could have come guys! Will come next time. Any pictures that can be shared at all?


What a great flight guys! Thanks to all for coming along. ;)


@Luke hat is so realistic looking its actually unbelievable

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@Leonard_Paulson thank you for joining us! That was fun. Hope you can join us in two weeks for the next leg to Dubai! Have a great weekend.

Gutted that I had a migraine and had to leave! Will be joining you for Dubai though!


Cheers from Cairo! See you all next time. As always, please feel free to post pictures here.


The journey continues this Saturday, March 17. Click here to reserve your gate for Destination Saturdays Vol. 13: Dubai!

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