[Arrived] AF-KLM presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 15: Bangkok | @ VABB - 141700ZAPR18

Air France-KLM VA presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 15: Bangkok | @ VABB - 141700ZAPR18

Event Description:
Bangkok, one of the largest and most renowned cities in Thailand is on our horizon as we move on from Mumbai for the 15th installment of Destination Saturdays. Concluding our short visit to India, we will depart from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport and make our way east towards Bangkok, aka “Venice of the East” and“Sin City of Asia,” known worldwide for its ornate shrines, floating markets, vibrant street life, hot climate and friendly people. This destination is guaranteed to be one of the best yet!

Air France – KLM Virtual cordially invites you to experience Destination Saturdays, our signature event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, beautiful airports, and challenging approaches across the globe. Some describe it as career mode for the world traveller at heart, while others say we’ve set out to finish what Amelia Earhart started. However, you look at it, Destination Saturdays is sure to deliver fun times flying with friends (old and new). Be part of the journey every other week as we pick up where we last left off!

Event Details:
Mumbai [VABB] to Bangkok [VTBS]
Server: Training Server 1 [TS1]
Region: Southeast Asia
Date: 14th of April 2018
Start Time: 17:00z
Air Time: 4h 18m
End Time: 21:20z

Flight Details:
Air Frame: B767-3 [Air France or KLM Livery]
Distance: 1759 NM
Block Fuel: 22,525 KG [Based on B767-3]
Departure Runway: 27*
Arrival Runway: 19L*

*VABB and VTBS are likely to be under AF-KLM ATC control. Departure/arrival runways are subject to change based on winds and at the controller’s discretion. Always follow ATC instruction.

Climb Profile:
3500 ft. /min @ 250 kts until FL110
2600 ft. /min @ 290 kts until FL259
2000 ft. /min @ 290kts until FL332
1500 ft. /min @ M 0.78 until FL390

FL390 @ M0.83

Descent Profile:
Begin Descent 123NM from Destination (WPT 1429N/9927E)
-1100ft. /min @ M .83 until FL120
-1100ft. / min @ 220kts until FL040


Waypoint Coordinates:
VABB 1905N/7245E 1918N/7244E 1928N/7253E 1930N/7304E 1934N/7322E 1936N/7341E 1946N/7401E 1946N/7402E 2000N/7442E AAU ASOGA 1918N/7755E BUSBO MEPOK VVZ 1730N/8355E 1721N/8430E 1710N/8518E URKOK MABUR RINDA SADUS DWI TANEK 1400N/9930E VTBS


  • Departure gates will be assigned to all participants and will be noted above upon receipt of RSVP in the comments section.
  • FPL will be available from me [Air France 005].
  • AF-KLM VA pilots, please include your issued call signs when you RSVP. Non-AF-KLM VA pilots attending, please state clearly what call sign you wish to fly with and use that call sign when you fly the event.
  • Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at ALL TIMES. This includes showing courtesy to fellow airmen during taxi, maintaining proper spacing in flight, and following ATC instruction. Failure to do so may result in pilot’s removal from the VA.

Crew Resources:

Gate V06: Air France 132 – Natal Gabriel
Gate V07: KLM 143 – @Pranay
Gate V08: KLM 202 – @PlaneCrazy
Gate V09: Air France 116 – @AntoineAFR
Gate V10: Air France 109 – @Captain-Daniel
Gate V11R: Air France 114 – @John_Ryan
Gate V12: Air France 227 – @AIDAN101
Gate V13: Air France 170 – @kylen15
Gate V14: Air France 136 – @Ozzy
Gate V15: Air France 211 – WDouglas
Gate V16: Air France 107 – @Luke_Around
Gate V17: Air France 005 – @Omar_DeWindt
Gate V18: Air France 218 – @AmarKler
Gate V19: Call sign TBC – Owen Castelli
Gate V20: KLM 615 – @Chris_Kelly
Gate V21: Air France 142 – Kyle Branco
Gate V22: @Matthew_Rush
Gate V23:
Gate V24: @Lucas.J
Gate V25:
Gate V26:
Gate V27:
Gate V28:
Gate V29:
Gate V30:
Gate V31:
Gate V32:

[More Gates Available]

ATC Team:
VABB Ground: @ThomasR
VABB Tower: @ThomasR

VTBS Approach:
VTBS Tower:
VTBS Ground:

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hey @Omar_DeWindt Air France 107 reporting haha…a gate pls V16 if possible

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A Gate for me @Omar_DeWindt KLM143

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Add me please! Thanks:-)


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@Luke_Around @Pranay @PlaneCrazy you are all confirmed. Gate assignments have been updated above. Looking forward to flying with you, mates!

@Moonlit did you change your mind? Hope you can make it!


Finally, I can attend an event. I hope that there will be more pilots than that.

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@Captain-Daniel glad to have you on board, mate!

There definitely will be more pilots. This is just the first few hours of the sign-up process. Typically we have anywhere from 10 to 25 pilots at DS.

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Great, this will be fun, especially as this is my first event in a heavy.

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That is some eloquent writing there @Omar_DeWindt 😉☺

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Can some sign me up and get me a gate?

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Definitely gotta sign me up for this one, AF170

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Yeah I’m afraid I looked at the times and flight time more carefully and it won’t work out for me. Have fun!

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Am I allowed to be ATC? Do I have to be IFATC or part of the VA? I would love to do it if I am allowed. If not I’ll join as a pilot.

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Looks great, AF-KLM 136 will be there!

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@Luke_Around thanks, mate! And also for taking the time to read it :-)

@Ozzy @kylen15 @AIDAN101 you are confirmed, mates!

@Pilot_SK you can definitely be ATC, even if you are not part of the VA. And no, you do not need to be IFATC qualified as this event will take place on the training server. We do prefer someone with moderate experience controlling in IF and at minimum versed in the IFATC YouTube training tutorials as you will be handling up to 25 event aircraft at one time. If you feel that’s you, then perfect! I’ll sign you up. Just let me know which departure and/or arrival station(s) you want to open.

Glad to have you all aboard!

@Moonlit gotcha! Bummer, we will miss you. Hope to catch you next time around!


I can record this event, if i can make it

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@AIDAN101 that would be great! Please re-confirm your attendance as we get closer if you don’t mind. Would love to have it on video.

This is on Saturday right?

Yes @AIDAN101 the event is on Saturday April 14 @ 1700z