[ARRIVED] A Fly-Out in Paradise! - @TXKF - 171830ZAUG18


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Server: Training

Airport: TXKF

Time: Friday, August 17, 2018 6:30 PM

Why I am doing this:
I lived in Bermuda for a short but wonderful three years, and I was taken aback by the beauty of the island. The airport was one of my favorite places to visit, so that is why I would like to host a fly-out there.

About the event:
This will be a fly-out of Bermuda’s L.F. Wade International Airport, and will be in the training server to allow more people to join it. This is a first-come, first serve event, but if you do not make it, you can still try to fly in around the time we fly out.


  • TKKF only has one runway, so wait times may be longer.
  • If you take a GA spot, I suggest a CCX or larger because of the distance to land from Bermuda
  • This is purely for fun, but please take it seriously for the enjoyment of all
  • A flight plan must be in place
  • These are for real-world routes only (exception for GA)
  • Some airlines and routes may be excluded, there is simply not enough gates for all the routes. I tried to diversify enough to make it interesting
  • Please spawn in 10 minuted prior to SDT to file a flight plane

Commercial Gates


Gate 1: @TenMileJones (Embraer ERJ-190 - JetBlue) [TXKF-KBOS]
Gate 2: @Philippe_Gilbert Airbus A319 - Air Canada) [TXKF-CYYZ]
Gate 3: @Jeffrey1o2 (Boeing 737-800 - American Airlines) [TXKF-KMIA]
Gate 4: @HiFlyer (Boeing 737-700 - Southwest Airlines) [TXKF-KBWI]
Gate 5: @Marek (Boeing 777-200ER - British Airways) [TXKF-EGKK]
Gate 6: @noa3hh (Boeing 737-800 - Delta Airlines) [TXKF-KATL]
Gate 7: @Flying_Ryan (Airbus A319 - Delta Airlines) [TXKF-KJFK]
Gate 8: @Simon_Joshua (Boeing 737-900 - United Airlines) [TXKF-KEWR]



FBO Cedar Aviation Services 01: @2003iggy CCX Z-IGGY
FBO Cedar Aviation Services 02: @vansh_purohit Air Canada 787-10 TXKF-CYMX

Military (These can be alternated if you request)


Apron ll: @Kaseng_Cheng_Rangel F-22
Area P: @SF34 A320 TXKF-KSAN



TXKF Ground: @Kevinsoto1502
TXKF Tower: @Kevinsoto1502
TXKF Departure: @Olivier999
TXKF Approach: @Olivier999

Hope to see you there! Remember to make a flight plan and please have a realistic callsign!

I will be hosting upcoming fly-outs at KEGE and KEYW, more to follow them!

I’ll join. Put me on the list

Anything you want? (20)

I’ll happily take gate 3

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Put me down for this in a CCX, callsign Z-IGGY. Thanks

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Limited spots open! Come grab a gate before they are gone!

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Oh, I’d love to take a spot, but I wouldn’t be able to go as school is back in. :(


Can I have gate 5 please

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Um this event is n 2018
The AUG17 should be AUG18
Day ,time(Zulu) ,month ,year

Sorry I actually had no idea what the format was, thanks for telling me.


18th of August (at least in the U.S.). Thanks for joining!

OK, sorry to hear that.

If it’s the 18th, then I can’t come. Really sorry. Weekends just don’t work well for me ever

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Ill take tower and ground please :)

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Thanks! I am glad to have ATC for the event!

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Your welcome :)!!! Happy to be here

This sounds fun. And I would do it. However not on TS

Wana join but 3:30am for me:(

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I’m gonna chase it with my F-22

Wait, is this flight on August 17th, or the 18th?