[Arrived] [7 Attending] London to Perth Event @ EGLL - 241030ZAUG19

Sure thing!

@LongHaulGuy added you!

Could I have a gate please

Sure! Ill add you!

Added you! See you then.

I’ll grab a gate!

@TimR sAwesome! I’ll add you now!

I added you!

Event is Tomorrow

Make sure to grab a gate!

Event is Today!

Last chance to sign up!

I can probs join now

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Sure I’ll add you! @UnKn0wN2605

Event Soon!

Signups close in 30mins!

Signups closed.

Discussion is now located in the event PM.
Post screenshots here after the event.

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Thank you for attending!

Want to return? Come next week for Part 2!

@Kai_Quashie @QVG-Crunch @UnKn0wN2605,

Hope to see you next time!

Happy landings in Perth!

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I just found the sign up page, is there still time to join? Cheers

For this event or the Perth to London one?

For the Perth to London event tonight. I’d like to request a gate.

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Sure! I will add you there! Make sure to check your assigned gate

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