<ARRIVED> [27 Attending (21 Confirmed), 2 Standby, FULL] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events, Southwest Virtual, & Tailwinds Flying Club} Aloha Southwest Airlines @KOAK 171810ZMAR19

Can I check in already ?

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Are you a part of SWV, TFC, or PnP

If not, I’m sorry but you are going to have to wait until it is 24 hours for the event to be able to check in.


Is the event starting at 6:10 pm now ?

No, the event still starts at 11:10 AM PDT tomorrow (1810Z)


The event will start in less than 24 hours!!!

Get your gate now and celebrate the inaugural Southwest commercial Hawaii flight with me! :D

Hey, I’d love to join if that’s ok!

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You now have Remote 07! :D

I will now invite you to the PM where you will check-in and you will be assigned a position for the event! :D

Btw, welcome to IFC! :D

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hey! thank you! could you tell me what the pm is and how to check in? i’m new to this sorry!!

I have sent you a PM (it should be a green notification on the top right of your screen)

Click on that PM to enter it and check-in, after checking in, you will be assigned a position

remote 8 please

Are you a part of SWV

You are now signed up! :D

Is there any chance I can join? Also, does this event take 5 hours from California to Hawaii?

The OAK to HNL route is blocked at 5 hours 50 minutes taken from Southwest’s website so if that works for you :)

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Your choice if you want to go or not

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Look like there is nothing going on tomorrow except St. Patrick Day. I can go.

I need join this. I am southwest pilot in va.

I will add you to a PM where you will check in and receive your position in line! :D

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At this point, the event is now full. If you would like a gate, take a look at the list of attendees and whoever has not checked in by the time the event starts, feel free to take their gate.

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If you haven’t already, spawn in now as we are minutes away from pushback!

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