<ARRIVED> [27 Attending (21 Confirmed), 2 Standby, FULL] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events, Southwest Virtual, & Tailwinds Flying Club} Aloha Southwest Airlines @KOAK 171810ZMAR19

@Lucas_Piedra, you are now in Gate 6 :D

@Marco_Rdz, sorry, @Lucas_Piedra asked first, but I did move you from Remote 6 to Remote 2 if that is fine with you

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that’s fine thanks :)

sign me up! any gate thanks!

You now have Remote 6! :D

Thanks for coming and see you there! :D

thank you see you then

I’m really sorry but I’m gonna have to remove myself from the event. I just realized I’ll be on a school trip to washington DC while this is happening. Sorry about that, but I hope you guys have fun!

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Big oof, you have now been removed from this event


The event is just under 48 hours!

Gate 30 is open! If anyone from a remote gate would like to move to Gate 30, please tell me below.

One more thing…

Below is the link to the countdown for this exciting event! :D


I’ll take gate 30 can’t wait!!!

Can I move to gate 30?

I’ll take a gate!

@zand3r, you now have Remote 01! :D

Thanks for signing up and see you there! :D

@Marco_Rdz, sorry @den.aviation asked first.


@BigBert10 what does the checked in (p1) mean?

Position 1
Position 2

and so on and so forth

That means, whoever has P1 (myself) will be first in line followed by whoever has P2 and so on and so forth


Oh ok thanks

Awesome! Thanks bud. See you guys there

Also, how do we “check in”?

I will send out the General Check-In PM 24 hours before the event

Those who are already checked in are part of the VAs and VOs who sponsored this event

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Gotcha. Was just not wanting to be last to depart and wanted to check in ASAP.