<ARRIVED> [27 Attending (21 Confirmed), 2 Standby, FULL] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events, Southwest Virtual, & Tailwinds Flying Club} Aloha Southwest Airlines @KOAK 171810ZMAR19


@AirlineBub and @Plane-Train-TV, you are both signed up! :D

Thanks for joining and see you guys there! :D


Can I steal 29?


You have been switched to Gate 29! :D

See you there! :D


I’ll take Gate 26, please!


You are now signed up! :D

See you there and thanks for coming! :D



Not only is this event on the calendar and recognized by Southwest Virtual, it is also sponsored by them! :D


Any SWV pilot who uses their callsign for the whole event will receive 1.5x hours bonus flight time! :D

Make sure to multiply it yourself and then submit your PIREP.


I would like a gate!


I’ll snag that last gate


Dang, Mr. Joseph, you got very lucky. ;)


@baseball_inferno and @Joseph007, you both are signed up! :D

Thanks for coming and see you there! :D


Saw one open and had to take it


@BigBert10, successful event for you. :)



Due to high demand for this event, Gate 5 is now open! :D


Oh its different in the US than in the UK

My bad

March 10 is my birthday btw lol



This event is now full!!!

If there is more demand for this event, I will add more gates, but for now, you will be put on standby if you want to join.



I forget to mention this yesterday, but @GlobalFlyer1 is co-hosting the event with me! :D


Even though the event is full, more gates may open up depending on how much demand there is for this event. Hope to see you all there! :D

and don’t speculate, but I’m working on bringing in a little surprise, which may come if all goes well ;)


Sign me up for standby please :)


You are now on standby! :D


Sign me up for standby as well


You have now been signed up for standby! :D