<ARRIVED> [27 Attending (21 Confirmed), 2 Standby, FULL] {Sponsored by Plane and Pilot Events, Southwest Virtual, & Tailwinds Flying Club} Aloha Southwest Airlines @KOAK 171810ZMAR19

I need join this. I am southwest pilot in va.

I will add you to a PM where you will check in and receive your position in line! :D

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At this point, the event is now full. If you would like a gate, take a look at the list of attendees and whoever has not checked in by the time the event starts, feel free to take their gate.

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If you haven’t already, spawn in now as we are minutes away from pushback!

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So this is why there was a ton of SW aircraft at Oakland… sorry if I caused any delays 😬. Have a nice flight!

It’s fine, I just didn’t know why you stopped taxiing near the remote gates

Cause I was gonna let you guys go ahead of me, but no one moved.

We were planning to let you go ahead of us XD

That is so we can be in queue with a bunch of Southwest aircraft and not a JetBlue in between them

Have a safe flight to Long Beach! :D

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This is one of the many more pictures I will post of this wonderful event.

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Another angle:


Spawned into KOAK

Traffic count at KOAK

HAHA! Both KOAK and KSJC got traffic and there is no one on the ground at KSFO >:)
Thanks @Dylan_M for not cancelling the KSJC event even though it conflicts with my KOAK event! :D

Queuing and getting ready for takeoff Runway 30

En route to PHNL

Arrival into PHNL

Overall, this event turned out really well! :D
I really enjoyed celebrating this inaugural Southwest commercial/revenue flight to Hawaii! I really enjoyed this event! :D

Southwest Virtual pilots, make sure to add 1.5x bonus flight time to your PIREPs! :D

I will keep this thread open until tomorrow morning so you can share your pictures.

Waiting for departure at Oakland:

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My photos:

And my favorite:
Thanks for the awesome event @BigBert10 and @GlobalFlyer1!


@BigBert10 I starved waiting for takeoff and then once I got in the air my game crashed and I couldn’t rejoin… thanks for hosting the event

That’s a big oof

Sorry about what happened and your iPad
Hopefully it works out better next time

Made it, late but safe

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Hmmm i didnt cancel it🤔

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Whoops I meant to put “not” not “now” XD


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At this point, I have flagged the thread for closure. Thank you to all those who have joined and thank you to Plane n Pilot Events, Southwest Virtual, and Tailwinds Flying Club for sponsoring this event! :D